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Kiteboarding Kites

These kites are very efficient and often incorporate a depower system.

If the kite you choose is not a Leading Edge Inflatable kite, choose a kite that can still re-launch off the water with the greatest of ease.

It is imperative that pilots learn on land first.


Duotone Mono


Duotone EVO

$1,510.00 $1,884.00

Duotone EVO


Duotone EVO SLS


Duotone EVO D/Lab


Duotone Rebel SLS


Duotone Dice


Duotone Dice SLS


Duotone Neo


Duotone Neo SLS


Duotone Neo D/Lab


Duotone Juice


Duotone Juice D/Lab


Duotone Vegas


Duotone Capa


North Orbit


North Orbit Pro


North Reach