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Freeride Kites

Freeride kites are versatile and suitable for a wide range of conditions, making them popular among recreational riders who enjoy cruising, jumping, and all-around fun on the water.

They typically have a moderate aspect ratio, allowing for a good balance of stability and performance.

Freeride kites also tend to be available in larger sizes to optimize low-end power and light wind performance.


Duotone Mono


Duotone EVO

$1,274.00 $1,589.00

Duotone EVO


Duotone EVO Concept Blue


Duotone EVO SLS


Duotone EVO D/Lab


Duotone Rebel SLS


Duotone Juice


Duotone Juice D/Lab


Airush Lithium V13


Airush Lithium Team


Airush Ultra


Core Nexus 4


Core XR8


Core XR Pro


RRD Passion