Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf
Core XR Pro - Kitesurf

Core XR Pro

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Core XR Pro

£2,299.00 GBP

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The best big air kite fully rethought and backed by the best airframe material. Designed as a competition instrument, the Core XR Pro knows only one direction: higher, faster, further.

Based on its XR genes, the XR Pro has been supercharged with a distinct design closely aligned to Aluula.

Experience faster loops, earlier catching, elevated high wind performance - an absolute boost to your performance and confidence when executing the most extreme manoeuvres.

To tease out the ultimate in performance, we've shifted the popular XR balance of sportiness and comfort in favor of radicalness.

It's clear for whom we developed this model: all the big boosters and fearless kite loopers who crave it now more than ever.

Joining the ranks of the Sensor Pro Bar, CORE introduces the first kite in this category, demonstrating CORE’s high-performance standards.

Less Air Resistance for More Speed:

XR Pro brings the stiffest existing airframe material, the Aluula. Achieving an even thinner leading edge and strut diameters compared to the XR8. A thinner diameter means less air resistance, translating to lightning-fast kite speed. Combined with the extremely stable 5-strut frame, the XR Pro allows hardly any deformation and reacts to every steering impulse, no matter how small.

This not only makes it more direct and controllable, but also gives it outstanding stability in the high-end and more performance.

Across all sizes, the XR Pro is ten percent lighter than the XR8. Properly used and reinforced, CORE's Aluula meets high standards and customer requirements in terms of durability and longevity.

Maximum Stability and Durability:

Extremely low-stretch and at the same time very robust, the exclusive CORE flying cloth optimally supports the properties targeted for the XR Pro with linear power delivery, high flight stability and outstanding control. The special coating ensures extremely good tear resistance, tear propagation resistance and offers very good UV protection.

Lots of Power and Depower:

At its rear, the XR Pro curves into the classic bow shape with a concave trailing edge, while the arrowed tips show genes of the delta shape. With a flatter profile than the XR8, this kite effortlessly maintains high flight speeds, delivering an unparalleled high-end performance.

Individually Adjustable Turning Radius:

The CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM (CIT) offers you three setting options to adjust your XR Pro to your personal preferences and external conditions. Dare to experiment with it - it's worth it.

Key Features:
  • Perfect for Freeride / Easy Riding / Hangtime / Freestyle / Wave
  • Direct and Fast Turning
  • Short and Direct Bridle
  • Easy Jumping Ability
  • Crisp ride experience and real kiteloops in light wind
  • Massive Depower
  • One-Pump System
  • Massive jump height and hang-time
  • Low drag lightwind design

**Prices shown are kite only - includes bag**


Wind Range
Detla Bow Shape:

The XR Pro incorporates the concave trailing edge of a traditional bow kite and swept back wings of a delta kite. The airfoil is engineered to rip upwind when underpowered, boost bigger on demand and get you planing first!

The latest design benefits from an optimized wing profile shape near the maximum chord to add a little more speed.

Speed Pump System:

This model receives shorter air hoses to reduce weight and improve airflow to the struts.

When you haven't kited in a few days, every second counts :)

CIT Modes:

Start by selecting your favorite CIT mode on the leading edge bridle connection points. The wave mode makes the kite turn faster and increases depower. It also provides more lift when you pull on the bar.

The freestyle mode increases your turn radius, stabilizes the kite for easier freestyle moves, and provides a little extra grunt. The kite comes out of the bag in allround mode which provides excellent depower, grunt, and superb hangtime.

Complete your personalization by adjusting the steering line connection points to set turning speed and bar pressure. But don’t worry, the kite comes ready to fly in the most common settings.

Instant Relaunch:

The XR Pro is designed to immediately drift into a perfect relaunch position when it hits the water. One quick tug on the bar and the XR Pro launches itself effortlessly.

Riders will appreciate how easily the kite releases from the water when time is of the essence. And beginners gain confidence knowing their kite will be flying in no time. So go ahead and try some new moves, you know your XR Pro has your back.

5-Strut Frame:

The bombproof, five strut exoskeleton frame is a critical component in the XR Pro design to stabilize the additional power created by our Intelligent Arc system.

Their designer modified the strut curves to extract more stability especially when powered. The noticeable improvement in strut rigidity required a small adjustment to the CIT bridle points to add a little more power steering.

Coretex Triple Ripstop Canopy:

Our, industry-leading, triple ripstop canopy fabric is protected and strengthened with a special coating process.

CoreTex sets the standard in breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection and elongation. Feel the tight, crisp signature only a CoreTex kite delivers.

Speed Valve 2:

The Speed Valve 2 connects directly to any standard 20mm OD twist lock pump hose.

The Speed Valve 2 maximizes airflow, minimizes inflation times and noticeably reduces pump pressure.

This inflation/deflation system is so good you may even leave your electric pump at home.

Faster Turning Speed:

Small moves in bridle attachment points have a huge impact on any kite's performance.

Core have been experimenting with these points on just about every prototype to improve handling while maintaining its signature character.

Intelligent Arc:

Intelligent Arc is a bridle configuration that modifies the airfoil on demand in a linear and direct way.

Like a bird that spreads its wings to generate more lift, the XR Pro increases its wingspan with a pull on the bar.

Likewise, sheeting out makes the kite fold in its wings and depower. Intelligent Arc helps you rip upwind, extends your float time, and cushions your landings.

Short Bridle System:

The XR Pro features improved locations for the leading edge bridle connections.

The super short bridle system improves feedback so you can better feel your kite’s position.

In the larger kite sizes, this reflexivity increases even more so. Just imagine a kite that practically anticipates every turn, as if it’s hot-wired to your brain.

Sensor Bar Ready:

The XR Pro is optimized for CORE’s ultralight Sensor bar systems including the latest Sensor 3S.

They feature precise kite control, unmatched safety, and uncluttered simplicity.

Control Bar
Core Sensor 3S Control Bar:

Witness next-level innovation, functional design, and clean esthetic in the ultra-light Sensor 3S – a legendary control bar with groundbreaking features. Core believe the Sensor 3 control bar system contributes much more than you would think to kite performance. And it’s what you don’t see that makes our bars so unbelievably good. The functional know-how Core hide inside and the minimalist design on the outside gives our bars the signature CORE confidence you expect. And the safety features you rely on.

One look at a Core bar is all it takes to appreciate the quality, precision, and the technology. But the real magic remains hidden. Take for example a comfortable grip that needs a thin bar. To create an indestructible bar with the lightest, narrowest grip possible required thinking outside the box. Thinking that led to a titanium truss construction. Wearing thick gloves in 8C temps isn’t a big deal with the Sensor 3 bar. The German engineered, titanium cored, Sensor 3 bar is: Simplicity in design. State-of-the-art in function and absolutely safe.

Titanium Core:

The integrated titanium truss ensures our twin auto-untwist center lines that pass through the center of the bar do not affect the bombproof rigidity of our bar. It might be overkill, but Core prefer it that way. And if the centre lines wear out the bar guide, you can replace it with a fresh one.

Supported Single Frontline Safety:

CORE's exclusive hybrid system combines the advantages of a single front line, double front line, and fifth line safety. When deployed, it blows out the front line (below the "Y") eliminating pull.

At the same time, a pulley system shortens the second front line (above the "Y") which moves the kite to a stable and safe relaunch position.

Stealth Winders:

No divots, sharp corners, or hard protruding ends on this bar. The clean, minimalistic and soft bar ends don't just look fantastic but are super grippable. After your fun sesh, the bar ends fold open to reveal hidden line winders.


The narrow, non-slip asymmetric grip is easy on the hands – even for marathon sessions. Contrasting colors provide improved left/right visual guidance. And a thin redline on the underside lets you know if the bar is reversed.

Live Wire:

Feel more "connected" to your kite with floaters that don't interfere with the natural movement of the steering lines as they end a few centimeters above the bar. And adjust bar width (50/46.5cm) by merely swiveling the line block hidden under the Stealth Winders. Core also disappeared the elastic line keepers into the floaters for a clean, uncluttered kite session.

4:1 Adjuster:

Our block and cleat system reduces pulling forces by a factor of four making quick adjustments in gusts a breeze (pun intended:). And the adjuster rope features an elasticized construction which shortens and keeps the line out of your way.

CIC Release:

The heart of our new Core Intuitive Connect Release is our push-out and easy click-back-in quick release. The red CIC Release cap is designed to provide superior grip in emergency situations. And reconnecting the quick release is as simple as re-inserting the chickenloop end into the CIC mechanism until you hear it click in. CIC Release. Just release and click back in.

Auto Untwist:

Untwisting your front lines after looping your kite is as simple as pulling in the bar. Front line twists only occur below the Sensor 3 bar where a ceramic swivel unravels the front lines automatically. Another benefit is the sweet "between the fingers" comfort when your hand straddles the center lines due to the narrow width and special coating.

Spliced Ends:

A small but important detail relates to how we finish our line end loops. Core don’t simply fold over the line and stitch it up. Core braid the loop before stitching and finishing for a safer, stronger, and more aerodynamic connection.

Tectanium Front Lines:

The front lines from the "Y" to the chicken loop use our exclusive, low stretch, Tectanium and Core protect it with a 5.2mm, UV-stabilized, Polyether where it passes through the bar. Techno speak for really durable, self-lubricating, no pinch, depower lines. The virtually frictionless, depower/safety lines are more aerodynamic, provide better feedback, and are more comfortable between the fingers.

Short Leash:

Extra short is extra safe. The short safety leash comes standard with all CORE bar systems. When connected to your spreader bar, the short 50cm long leash delivers better ergonomics and safety. It is easier to see or grab and it won’t tangle like longer leashes might. If you do not see unhooked freestyle in your future, then protect yourself with a short leash.


The multi-purpose barbag offers protection for your shiny Sensor 3 bar when you're on the road. Accessories, tools, spare parts, line extensions, and optional loops can be stored in the bag's compartments. The mesh insert on the back guarantees proper ventilation. Fold it away or hang it up in a visible spot, so you don't forget it.

Control Bar Size:

46.5-50cm bar with 24m lines, short leash, bar bag and manual.