Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer - Kitesurf

Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer

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Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer

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The Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer is the perfect trainer kite for anyone who wants to improve their kite flying skills to get into kiteboarding, landboarding, buggying or snowkiting.

A unique shape, strong construction, 2-line setup with control bar will help entry-level kite flyers to develop their kite skills and get used to the power of a kite.

The kite features all the advantages of the single skin series with the added benefit of being controlled on a 2-line bar, it can easily be controlled with one hand and be flown on short lines as well, making the TR exceptionally well suited for street kiting (kite longboarding).

Each model is supremely easy to fly and delivers instant power even in the lightest breeze. They are stable and reliable without complex control systems. Yet the first and foremost advantage of the UNIQ kites is that they are practically indestructible.

Besides they pack compactly and weigh a lot less than conventional foil kites; not only because they are made with less material, but also because they are 40-60% more powerful for the same size. The Uniq TR kites do not collect any sand that may affect flying either.

Easy Handling:

The Peter Lynn Uniq TR is very easy to control. The kite steers smooth and as it is flown on a control bar where over-steering the kite is not an option. The Uniq TR has the perfect balance in steering behavior, making it challenging to fly but still easy to keep in the air.

Huge Amount of Power for their size:

The Uniq TR delivers more power in lower winds than any conventional foil kite out there. Single skins are the most efficient kites imaginable, and because they are so lightweight and efficient their power per size is much higher than conventional foilkites.

Virtually Indestructible:

As there is no bottom skin creating pressure inside the wing when you crash, this makes it almost impossible to tear the profiles and there are no cells that can burst upon hard impacts. Next to this the Uniq TR is made with high quality materials and high end construction techniques.

  • Low Aspect Ratio - The aspect ratio of the Uniq TR ensures a high stability and used friendliness. The profile used in the Uniq TR ensures a smooth flying speed and power across the whole wind window.
  • Webbing Reinforced Leading Edge - Webbing is folded and stitched into the leading edge for a very strong construction.
  • Reinforced Air Intakes and Bridle Points - The air intakes are reinforced with webbing, the bridle points are connected to the profiles with a double stitched seam, increasing durability.
  • Velcro Bridle Loop - to minimize the chance of bridles getting tangled when packing the kite.
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Includes kite, storage bag, flying lines, 2-line control bar, and instruction manual.


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