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£0.00 - £299.00

2 / 3 Line Kites

Normally two or three line kites are a lot less powerful than traction kites but allow you to learn kite skills in relative safety.

The control are simple and easy to learn in a day! It should be noted that some of these kites when stacked can generate an enormous amount of lift. The same warning should apply in strong wind conditions.

Suitable for recreational flying.

£0.00 - £299.00

Cross Kites Air


HQ Symphony Beach 3 (III) Power Kite


Cross Kites Rio


HQ Symphony Pro Power Kite


Cross Kites Boarder Trainer


HQ Fluxx


Peter Lynn Hype


Peter Lynn Hype Trainer


Peter Lynn Uniq Trainer


Slingshot B2 / B3 Trainer Kite


Duotone Lizard Trainer


Ozone Ignition V3


HQ Rush Pro


Peter Lynn Impulse


Ozone Go Trainer


HQ4 Hydra


Peter Lynn Skim