Ozone C4 Wakestyle Control Bar

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Ozone C4 Wakestyle Control Bar

The C4 bar is designed exclusively for the C4 and optimised for freestyle and wakestyle riders. Complete with a shorter 45cm control bar, compact depower throw, larger sized PU Chickenloop for easy hooking in and out and 23m flying lines.

Push Away Quick Release:

The control system features our Megatron push-away quick release with total flag out of the kite. The release handle is ergonomic with positive release forces for quick and easy release. Simple re-assembly saves time and gets you back up and riding faster.

Two Release Modes:

The Megatron offers riders a choice of two release modes, the recommended Standard or the optional Expert mode.

• Standard mode offers 100% flag out in all situations by releasing the Megatron or letting go of the bar when un-hooked.
• Expert mode offers 100% flag out only when the Megatron is released whilst hooked in, allowing riders practicing handle passes to let go of the bar without releasing the kite to flag out (not recommended).

Anti-twist Flag Out Line and Spinning Handle:

The flag out line running through the Megatron & kite leash attachment at the bottom keeps the leash tangle free when doing rotations and manually unwinding the centre lines using the Spinning Handle.

Auto Positioning Chicken Loop:

Designed in conjunction with the bar centre piece, the Megatron spinning handle auto positions the chicken loop when unhooking.

Flying Lines:

Colour coded 500kg front / 300kg back lines.

Soft Bar Ends with Hide-away Elastic Line Retainers:

Soft bar ends for comfort and are less likely to damage lightly constructed boards. Hide-away elastic line retainers keep wound lines secured.

Stainless Steel Leader Line Pin:

Superior strength is achieved with a Stainless pin running through the bar. This creates an ultra strong and direct connection between the control bar to flying lines.

Double Pulley Trim System:

Offers minute trimming on the go, allowing the racer to hike out maintaining maximum power against the fins.

Low Friction Centre Piece:

The control bar features a low friction centre piece designed to reduce wear.

PU Covered De-power Line:

The tough PU covered de-power line significantly reduces wear when sheeting in and out.

Stainless Steel Trimmer Bracket and Ronstan Orbit Pulley:

The smooth running trimmer bracket and Ronstan pulley also prevent trim line wear.

Clamcleat Trimmer:

Anodized low abrasion Clamcleat trimmer.

Re-launch Balls:

Fixed to the leader lines to pull when re-launching the kite.

Bungee Trim Line and Magnetic Handle:

The internal bungee with magnetic handle connects to a magnetic neoprene sock covering the clam cleat to reduce tangles when the trimmer is de-powered.

EVA Grip:

Lightly sanded with ergonomic finger bumps providing the ultimate bar grip.

Ozone C4 Control System Bar - 45cm with 23m Flying Lines.

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