Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf
Ozone Torque V3 - Kitesurf

Ozone Torque V3

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Ozone Torque V3

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  • 134 x 40
  • 136 x 41
  • 138 x 42
  • 140 x 43
  • 142 x 44
  • Board Only with Fins
  • V2 Pad System


Providing un-compromised performance for Freeriders and Freestylers, the Ozone Torque V3 is ultra smooth and responsive. It delivers explosive performance with amazing grip and smooth flex to stick your landings.

The third version of the Torque features a new hybrid Biax Fiberglass and UD Carbon Beam layup. This new construction increases flex at the tips and increases response from the centre of the board.

Combined with a medium flex and rocker the Torque V3 feels light and forgiving to ride. The 3D deck shaping has a progressive taper into the tips for precise feeling and flex patterns, enabling a smoother take off and softer landing even when going for big tricks at speed.

The square tip outline means more rail and board surface area in the water to load up against for insane pop, whether you are boosting airs with straps or throwing unhooked moves with boots. It provides excellent edge retention and strong upwind performance.

An advanced quad concave hull design enhances tracking and pop. Refined spines running the length of the board increase edge hold in strong winds and chop, providing ultimate control and precision when loading up for jumps. 

The feeling, response and predictability of the Torque V3 means it has never been so easy to progress in all aspects of twin tip riding, go send it and see!

Skill Level:

Intermediate / Expert

Ozone Torque V3 Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • Ozone Torque - 134 x 40.0cm (50-70kg)
  • Ozone Torque - 136 x 41.0cm (60-80kg)
  • Ozone Torque - 138 x 42.0cm (70-90kg)
  • Ozone Torque - 140 x 43.0cm (80kg+)
  • Ozone Torque - 142 x 44cm (90kg+)
Ozone Torque Key Features:
  • Swallow Tips
  • Benchmark Laminates
  • Enhanced Active Flex
  • Full Paulownia Wood Core
  • Torsion Laminate - precision flex control at key areas for superior control
  • 3D Step Rails - thin edges for solid grip
  • Very Forgiving
  • Easy to Use
  • Tip-2-Tip Hybrid Woodcore
  • Maximum performance board for use in any conditions
Complete with:
  • G-10 Fins
  • Torque Grab Handle

**V2 Straps and Pads Sold Separately**


Wind Range
Ozone Torque Pad System:

The Torque's footpads and straps are beyond comfortable and have been designed to endure the rigors of hard riding. The footpads incorporate layers of ultra durable dual density EVA foam including a memory foam layer, with precise contouring and textures to keep your feet comfortably “locked in”.

The pads are extremely lightweight but offer great shock absorption on hard or fast landings. The straps have been ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort, the combination of soft memory foam and plush neoprene give the rider ultimate cushioning and a snug fit.

Ozone have kept to a lightweight single strap system that attaches to the board with minimal effort yet offers a huge range of adjustment to suit a variety of riders. The base plate has multiple cutouts that allows for a customized stance width and angle adjustments.

Ozone Factory Construction:

World-class construction in our own factory, using the highest quality materials and hand checked Quality Control at every step.

The Ozone factory also manufactures our Kites, Paragliders and Speed Wings; the same Quality Control processes are used across all products.

Freestyle Outline:

The Freeride/Freestyle outline provides excellent edge retention and strong upwind performance allowing you to load massive pop even at lower speed.

Swallow Tips:

Swallow shaped tips allow a strong edge hold without the feeling of being locked on a rail, while increasing stability and control when carving. This gives a strong edge hold and positive feel when carving or loading and releasing off the water during a jump.

Highest Quality Fibreglass:

Precise lamination using high quality Biaxial and UD fiberglass layers to provide the ultimate balance of flex, response and strength.

Grab Recess:

Grab Recesses on both rails if riding without a handle.

G-10 Fins:

CNC cut from solid G10 material.

Continuous Medium Rocker with Flex:

The continuous medium rocker combined with a medium all-round flex offers a smooth ride with ultimate control in heavy chop, good upwind performance, optimized pop and soft landings.

A-Grade Paulowina Core:

The premium A-grade Paulownia core provides ultimate flex characteristics, amazing strength, and reduced weight.

A-Grade 316 Stainless Steel Inserts:

Highest quality 316 Stainless Steel inserts embedded into ABS blocks. This insert construction offers superior strength for powered riding and using boots.

Ergonomic Pads and Straps:

Easy to assemble in minutes, the lightweight ergonomic design with memory foam adapts to your unique shape after a few sessions. The toe ridge provides solid grip, while dampening foam layers provide superior comfort.

Control Bar