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Landboard Fittings

Add-ons and spares, upgrades and accessories for your landboard.

Great ways to upgrade your board with grab handles, wheels, hubs and springs.

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MBS All-Terrain Mountainboard Bearings


MBS All-Terrain Inner Tubes


MBS T3 Tyres


MBS Rockstar II Hubs


MBS Mountainboard Rockstar Pro II Aluminium Hubs


MBS Mountainboard Rockstar Pro II XL Aluminium Hubs


Trampa Hypa Hub


MBS Shock Blocks


Kheo Mountainboard Elastomers


MBS ATS / Vector Bushings


MBS Mountainboard Safety Helmet


Dakine Slayer Knee Pads

$44.00 $66.00

Dakine Slayer Elbow Pads

$44.00 $66.00

One Industries Enemy Elbow Pads

$28.00 $44.00

Six Six One Riot Elbow Pads

$28.00 $44.00

One Industries EXO Crash Shorts

$44.00 $66.00