MBS Mountainboard F5 Bindings - Kitesurf
MBS Mountainboard F5 Bindings - Kitesurf

MBS Mountainboard F5 Bindings

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MBS Mountainboard F5 Bindings

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Lock and load. Strap your feet into a pair of MBS F5 bindings for the ride of your life.

Custom moulded for superior comfort and contact. Super lightweight. Ratchet adjustment.

Ideal for anyone from pint-sized beginners to full-grown pros.

MBS F5 Binding features include an increased size adjustability with toe-post cam-lock adjustment (coarse adjustment) and heel post-ratchet buckle (fine adjustment and ratcheting).

Integrated ladder/bracket system. Combining two separate parts (L-brackets and Ladder straps into a single integrated L-Ladder eliminating the need for strap mounting screws altogether. Not only does this reduce weight it eliminates the possibility of strap screws ever coming loose.

The wider entry spacing makes it easier to get feet out and back in again for no-foot tricks.

Sold as a pair.

Warning: You should keep footstraps loose until you are an experienced landboarding pilot. When learning to landboard you are more likely to be pulled off the board by the kite. It is important that you can fall out freely, without being restricted by the footstraps or other devices that secure you to the board.


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