Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf
Slingshot Sci-Fly XR - Kitesurf

Slingshot Sci-Fly XR

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Slingshot Sci-Fly XR

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  • 5`0"
  • 5`4"
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Surf Straps


The Slingshot Sci-Fly is a modern short board designed for aerials and powered-up, progressive freeriding, now built with XR Construction, a hybrid EPS composition for optimal balance of weight, strength and performance. Redesigned with a completely new hull and quad fin configuration, this new version has even more grip and hold to perform at your best.

Featuring an all-new triple-channeled hull, the Sci Fly XR V2 is stiffer and loaded with even more explosive drive and pop for aerial maneuvers and on-water tracking

The XR Construction produces the perfect blend of weight and strength, providing you the highest performance true surfboard feel to handle all the rigors of kitesurfing.

Riders looking for a high performance boards that it is super fast and user knowledgeable. The Slingshot Sci-Fly is ideal for the small to over-head surf and can be ridden with or without straps.

Footstraps (sold separately):

For riders who like the locked-in performance of riding with straps, inserts are installed at the midsection and along the tail. A total of ten insert options your front foot and 11 in the back mean you can dial in your stance exactly how you like it.

Key highlights:
  • Excels in marginal wind and wave conditions
  • Cushy new corduroy deck pad is super grippy and comfortable
  • Construction: lighter weight, more control, more connected feel
  • Winged diamond tail
  • Footstrap insert placement
  • Short and sweet: designed for tricks, aerials and skate-style surfing
  • Chopped nose reduces front-end swing weight for easier manoeuverability
  • Snappy and super agile, great for powered-up slashing
  • Bamboo and carbon patches add durability in key areas
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability
  • Updated tail shape yields more snap and pivot
Package Includes:
  • Slingshot Sci-Fi deck
  • 3 x 4 5/8” symmetrical MT - mini tuttle surf fins
  • Pre-installed traction surf pads

Sizes: 5’0” X 17.7’ X 2.0” - 22.0 Litres
Sizes: 5’4” X 18.0’ X 2.2” - 27.0 Litres

**Comes complete with fins and traction pad**


Wind Range
Triple Channelled Hull:

The Sci-Fly XR's advanced and complex hull design provides stiffness for added pop, as well as channeling and grip to provide better tracking through the water and resistance against the kite.

Quad Fin Configuration:

This new fin configuration provides more drive and grip while preventing spin out during powered turns.

Winged Diamond Tail:

A sharp and pivotal shape during turns with plenty of grip and a clean release when popping off the water.

Corduroy Deckpad:

Slightly softer than our deck pads of the past, this new corduroy texture provides tons of grip and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye.

Carbon Reinforcements:

Lengthwise carbon stringers, top and bottom, provide strength and stiffness, carbon rails along the tail help prevent cracking, heel dents and damage from hard landings.

XR Construction:

With premium features such as bamboo in the belly and carbon stringers, our XR Construction produces a more lively, lightweight, high-performance kite surfboard.

3K Carbon Rail Savers:

Carbon fibre rail patches along the tail help prevent cracking, heel dents, and damage from hard landings and deep input.

FCS II Reactor Fins:

No tool required—just click in and click out. They're quick, easy, convenient, and secure.

Footstrap Insert Position:

The inserts on the tail of the board have been re-positioned to give riders the optimal rear foot position when riding straps. This places your foot directly over the rear fins for a better drive, turn, and more snap.

Control Bar