Skywatch Meteos Windmeter - Kitesurf
Skywatch Meteos Windmeter - Kitesurf
Skywatch Meteos Windmeter - Kitesurf
Skywatch Meteos Windmeter - Kitesurf
Skywatch Meteos Windmeter - Kitesurf

Skywatch Meteos Windmeter

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Skywatch Meteos Windmeter

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The Skywatch Meteos anemometer provides easy measuring of wind speeds due to his direction independant and optimized 3D-Rotor. It is not only another pocket sized handheld wind gauge. Through its big backlighted display and the solid aluminium bottomplate with standard-tripod winding the Skywatch Meteos anemometer is also ideal for short time field-readings as a stationary anemometer.

The Skywatch Meteos also provides an integrated thermometer to read the actual environmental temperature. The sensor is placed directly beneath the rotor so that point readings of wind chill are possible measuring from -40° up to 80°C!

The big backlighted display of the Skywatch Meteos provides a very easy orientation and view on the read outs. The intuitive usage of the 4-button-menu is very easy to operate and the position of the backlighted display lets you read and hold the Skywatch Meteos tight at the same time.

The Meteos is totaly waterproof and floatable making it ideal for all users addicted to outdoor and watersports and is powered by two standard AA batteries whcih means replacement batteries can be sourced from nearly every place all over the world.

The robust and removable cap provides the best protection when not in use and the holes in the protection cap are useful for airing the spinning parts after use in dew conditions. There is also a solid metalplate with a standard-tripod fitting which provides best stability when mounted.

  • Direction-independant 54mm 3D rotor 
  • Waterproof 
  • Floatable
  • km/h, m/s, knots, mph, fps and beaufort 
  • Average 3 seconds up to 24 hours 
  • Max windspeed
  • Thermometer actual temperature / wind chill
  • Robust protection cap with holes for fast drying 
  • Solid aluminium bottomplate with tripod fitting 
  • Backlighted overviewable display 
  • Powered by two AA sized batteries
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C 
  • Accuracy according to Swiss standards


Wind Range
Control Bar