Peter Lynn Twinskin Control Bar - Demo - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Twinskin Control Bar - Demo - Kitesurf
Peter Lynn Twinskin Control Bar - Demo - Kitesurf

Peter Lynn Twinskin Control Bar - Demo

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Peter Lynn Twinskin Control Bar - Demo

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** Used once in a photoshoot. Perfect working order. Supplied as shown**

The Peter Lynn Twinskin 4-Line Control Bar has been specifically designed for kiteboarding, landboarding and snowkiting with Peter Lynn Arc Style Kites.

The Twinskin Control Bar features a quick release on the depower loop and a quick release on the safety leash.

One of the main objectives was to design an easy and comfortable to use bar with safety system that meets the latest standards. The complete bar should be clean and without much explanation a rider should intuitively know how to use it. 

Apart from this, it has always been implied in Peter Lynn’s design philosophy to make a product which lasts and can be kept in a good condition without too much hassle and at little cost. The Twinskin control bar incorporates materials of a very high quality with long lasting construction methods. Any parts that may wear out in the long term can easily be replaced.

It is designed to be as simple as possible and for any style of riding, whether it's unhooked, hooked in, or a combination of the two, the Twinskin Control bar will find maximum comfort and safety.

Peter Lynn Navigator Control Bar Main Features:

  • Pull-Pull Depower Strap enabling you to set the overall power of the kite by a simple pulling motion
  • Easy adjustment pigtails enabling you to set the difference in top and rear lines, allowing you to ride with slack or tight rear lines
  • Dyneema Depower Line for extra durability and a direct feel
  • Primary quick release which can be activated easily by grabbing the release cuff, needing very little load to activate
  • Secondary quick release on the leash to completely disconnect yourself from the kite in case of emergency
  • Stiff Depower Loop making it extremely easy to hook back in after riding unhooked without needing to grab the loop with your hands

The Twinskin bar setup can be used with any size Peter Lynn Arc Style kite and is the perfect bar to get if you want just one bar. By varying the bar size by changing the attachments on the endcaps and by using the extension set, you can adjust your bar to fly better on a smaller or larger kite.

    55m Control Bar complete with 27cm Lines.


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