GoPro Xsories HD Camera Hooded Silicone Cover

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GoPro Xsories HD Camera Hooded Silicone Cover

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Having difficulties to see what you are shooting in sunny conditions?

Go for the new Xsories Hooded Silicone Cover which improves shooting and playback visibility of video and photos on your GoPro's LCD Screen.

GoPro silicone covers are way more than just a simple and effective way to pimp your camera:

GoPro Xsories Hooded Silicone Cover Uses:
  • Keeping your housing firmly closed reduces the risks of losing your camera due to damaged or faulty closing latch. 
  • See what you are shooting in sunny conditions 
  • Mattify your camera so there are no reflections on the clear housing when it's being shot. 
  • Choose a bright color to make sure you'll find your camera in any environment in case you lose it. 
  • Protect your investment.
  • Many users have reported that the Silicone Covers help to significantly improve battery life in cold conditions
GoPro Xsories Silicone Covers Specifications:
  • Material: Silicone

For use with the GoPro Hero 1 / Hero 2 Cameras.


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