F-One WTF - Kitesurf
F-One WTF - Kitesurf
F-One WTF - Kitesurf
F-One WTF - Kitesurf


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  • 136 x 41
  • 138 x 42
  • 140 x 42.5
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Platinum S / M
  • Platinum L / XL


The F-One WTF is the ultimate new school kiteboard. Short and wide up to the tips, with extreme pop for better jumps and landings. Its double concave will suppress any leg splash and absorb vibrations during high impact landings. The F-One WTF also allows for sharp edging, great release and insane pop. Light, sharp and responsive under your feet, the WTF will get you launching huge tricks!

Built around a wood core with glass reinforcement and carbon tapes for a better load transmission when loading up for the pop. This construction not only makes the WTF?! incredibly durable, it is also the secret to the smooth and controlled feel underfoot.

The WTF?! board features a specific rocker line with a flatter section in the center of the board to allow for early planing with increased rocker on the tips to keep those landings smooth and easy. The transition between the three stages of the rocker is key to the dynamics of edging and loading for the pop and reaching maximum amplitude.

Every feature of the WTF?! has been built around not only giving the rider the most pop possible, but also making it easy to release it and control. The outline of the board is both versatile and comfortable, the board tips provide a huge platform for you to launch your tricks from, while also offering a stable landing area, no matter how hard you are coming in from a move.

The bottom of the board features a lot of shape details including a central V-double concave, step channels in the sides and tip channels. These are featured to improve the grip and the release of water from the board. Helping you with speed and control at all times while you are on the water. These channels also break the surface tension of the water, making the landings smoother and more manageable, even at high speed.

The deck of the board is totally flat to provide a more consistent connection to the board for your bindings, no matter what brand you choose. This helps with control and also makes it easy to get bindings that fit the board.

Once you are on the water, you will notice the speed at which the board travels and how effortless it is to ride. Pop is gained easily and no matter your speed, or the state of the water, you can be assured of a good take off every time you load up the edge. Landings are smooth, and the WTF has been designed to help you to complete your tricks with higher consistency than ever before.

The WTF is at its best for low kite moves and is forgiving during landing, even on non-flat spots. Light and lively under your feet, incisive, the WTF is compact and will put you in confidence to start new tricks.

Who is the board designed for:

Whether you are just starting to get into freestyle tricks or just after an all-rounder peformer for speed, wave riding, jumping and freeriding - this board can do it all!

Riding Style: 

New School Manoeuvres

Skill Level: 

Beginner / Expert

F-One WTF Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • F-One WTF - 136 x 41cm
  • F-One WTF - 138 x 42cm
  • F-One WTF - 140 x 42.5cm
  • Width for early planing and to facilitate the landings.
  • Outline designed to be versatule and efficient for pop.
  • Raised tips for smooth landings
  • Thinner Rails associated to central and tip channels help to get grip and edging
  • Flat Deck to accomodate boot bindings
  • Double Concave making it comfortable and excellent freeride board also.
Complete with:
  • G-10 Epoxy 5cm Fins

F-One Platinum Accessory Pack (includes grab handle) available as a separate accessory.


Wind Range
Control Bar