F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf
F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf
F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf
F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf
F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf
F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf
F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf
F-One Slice Bamboo - Kitesurf

F-One Slice Bamboo

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F-One Slice Bamboo

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  • 5`1"
  • 5`3"
  • 5`5"
  • Front Traction Pad
  • Surf Straps
  • Front Traction Pad / Surf Straps
  • Board Only With Fins


The all new F-One Slice Bamboo is set to get some pulses racing this year, designed as a strapless freestyle weapon for our top pro riders it’s also an easy and intuitive board to ride in the waves too! The compact format, the thin rails, the pronounced kick on the rocker and the profound channel on the bottom are the perfect attributes to strapless freestyle. The board offers a powerful natural pop, it is easy to maneuver in the air and the landings are soft and stable.

With its fairly parallel outline, the Slice Bamboo planes with ease and its upwind abilities are remarkable. The Slice Bamboo is best suited to small and medium-sized waves and excels when the conditions are onshore and the waves aren’t too powerful.

The board’s winged tail keeps the rail outline straight and fast, but allows the tail to be highly reactive for quick turn initiation. It also allows you to get the amplitude you need for freestyle.

For the Bamboo version, F-One have elected to use an original Bamboo Sandwich Construction on both the deck and bottom with a double bamboo layer on deck to strengthen the area under your feet, the board is very resistant to local impacts and offer great comfort.

Fitted without a front pad for the riders who prefer a direct contact with the board. Simply use some wax and get ripping!

The board has a straighter rocker and a parallel outline, which fades into a dynamic winger tail to increase its manoeuvrability. The squared off nose keeps the length to a minimum, and there are two sizes for you to choose from.

The 5’3” is perfect for larger riders over 75kg who would usually ride a board around 5’8” while the smaller 5’1” is ideal for smaller riders.

The volume and the thickness of the F-One Slice Bamboo has been specifically tailored for kiting to ensure the highest possible level of performance. Underneath you’ll find a single concave, which transforms into a sharper deeper channel under the tail.

The board delivers plenty of speed, both on flat water, for tricks, and in the waves too. The flatter rocker line enables the board to carry itself through weaker sections of the wave and the thin rails and pulled in winger tail make for dynamic turns on the face. The thruster fin set up offers maximum versatility across a wide range of conditions, while also making the board easier to use.

F-One Slice Bamboo: 

5'1" (156.0cm x 46.5cm) (19.5 Litres)

5'3" (161.0cm x 46.5cm) (22.0 Litres)

5'5" (166.0cm x 47.5cm) (23.5 Litres)

  • Unique ROCKER for outstanding pop!
  • High level of CONTROL during aerial tricks
  • Bamboo Technology
  • Double Bamboo Deck
  • Easier reception thanks to the squared outline
  • Deck Stringers for strength
  • Front pad
F-One Slice Bamboo Surf Board Complete with:
  • F-One Future fins
  • F-One EVA pads


Wind Range

A kiteboard sustains more constraints than a standard surfboard. It endures more pressure, mainly in the upwind stage, in the chops, and during jumps. A sandwiched construction is a must-have for our sport.

F-One's research them to bamboo. The result is a light structure, super strong that absorbs those constraints. The extremely dense cellular structure of bamboo surpasses that of oak in stability and elasticity.

Bamboo is superior to wood in terms of durability and rigidity. This mighty grass is extremely solid due to high elasticity fibers lined up to the cane on the outer layer of the peel. With regards to tensile strength, bamboo matches up with tree and steel.

The use of bamboo is also environmentally responsible. It has an astonishing growth rate: the “giant bamboo” will grow 30cm to 50cm per day to reach 15 to 30 metres. Every year the “mother plant” generates several shoots allowing a full grown “forest” to be harvested after 5 years without reducing the size of the forest.

Control Bar