Duotone Radar Seat Harness - Kitesurf
Duotone Radar Seat Harness - Kitesurf

Duotone Radar Seat Harness

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Duotone Radar Seat Harness

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Harness the power for your traction activities - seat style harness suitable for all land and water based activities.

The Duotone Radar all-round seat harness has been designed to fit like a second skin. The partial CURV construction ensures great overall comfort and an excellent load distribution.

The Radar’s ergonomic leg straps, inspired by the technology of climbing harnesses, have been developed to enable fantastic freedom of movement and eliminate pressure points.

The integrated neoprene belt further enhances the comfort level allowing you to move, flex and twist as your riding dictates.

The Radar comes with the super sleek Kite Hook Spectre Bar

Complete with Safety Knife to cut your lines in case of an emergency.

  • SpanDura Bungee Butt: allows the harness to stretch and contour against your body for maximum comfort and less restriction during your riding.
  • Bungee Belt: Neoprene padded flexible leg straps, which adjust themselves onto the shape of the riders legs. The seat harness will fit perfecly and it won‘t tension your legs too much.
  • Internal Flex Belt: Flexible waist belt with rubber endings to ensure tight and comfortable fit.
  • Push Button Spreader Bar: The push button supports the quick assembly of the harness. There is no need to mount any velcro tapes through buckels. Just hook the metal ring into the spreader, adjust the webbing and off you go.
  • Belt Garage: The belt garage keeps any end of the webbing band from flying around.
  • Protection Pad: This is a solid neoprene padded plate that keeps away the harness hook from your body. Especially when the spreader bar moves up quickly.
  • Bar Keeper Belt: The strap construction prevents the spreader bar from rushing upwards in overpowered situations. Two
    webbing straps run from the bungee belt to the spreader bar to make sure that the kiter doesn‘t get hurt.
  • Neoprene Belt: This waist belt is secured on the frame on the inside of the harness. The stretch in the belt makes your harness feel comfortable from the moment you put it on. The Velcro on the belt is positioned in such a way that it won’t damage your suit, lycra or skin.
  • Neoprene Leg Straps: Fully coated with neoprene, giving you maximum comfort for longer sessions.
  • Safety Knife: Cuts flying lines in an emergency.
  • Kite Spreaderbar with protector cover
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