Duotone Kiteboarding Voke SLS - Kitesurf
Duotone Kiteboarding Voke SLS - Kitesurf

Duotone Kiteboarding Voke SLS

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Duotone Kiteboarding Voke SLS

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  • 5'1"
  • Board Only With Fins
  • With Team Traction Pad
  • With Pro Traction Pad


If you are looking for the pinnacle of freestyle performance, the Duotone Voke SLS is the board for you. Designed for multiple world champions Airton Cozzolino and James Carew, this dedicated strapless board outperforms everything else on the market. With its flat rocker, fast rails and infinite pop it the must have strapless freestyle/big air board for 2023.

The unique shape gives the board the ability to deliver explosive pop even in really choppy conditions, without catching the nose on take-off or landing. The fast rocker and relatively parallel outline make it incredibly fast and stable, and the powerful wide tail provides the perfect springboard for explosive pop. A nearly symmetrical outline shape is ideal for spins, and the deep bottom channels allow the Voke to split the water for fast, controlled landings.

In a discipline where every millimetre counts and the slightest mistake can prove incredibly costly, you need a board that will deliver every time. The Voke SLS is the board to choose for your strapless moves; it’s forgiving yet packed with pop and performance. Whether you are learning your first trick or if you are Airton Cozzolino, the Voke SLS is the only weapon you need.

SLS Construction:

Duotone are using a more labor intensive, multi-step vacuum bag process that yields a super strong, lightweight board with a custom, hand sanded finish. The most substantial change to the light team construction, is that we no longer use a full bamboo sandwich. The cork shock absorber, which used to be concealed under the bamboo sandwich, is now clearly visible under the deck skin and allows the deck to flex and absorb shock like a custom PU board with minimal to no heel denting, thanks to the underlying reinforcements and the remarkable memory properties of cork. Pure surf board feel in an ultra light but durable construction!

Compact Surf Shape:

The SLS Series incorporates the new Compact Surf Concept making it shorter and more manoeuvrable. The new compact shape means there is far less swing weight when you ride the board. This gives you far more control when performing aerial tricks, but also improved handling when snapping off the tops of the waves.

The compact shape lets you stand more centered on the board, giving you more balance in all situations and allowing you to have total control over the whole length of your board. A straighter rail line also equals more stability in chop even at high speeds while the flat rockers generates and carries the speed offering a superior glide.

Riding Style: 

Freestyle Strapless

Skill Level: 

Advanced to Expert Surfers

Duotone Pro Voke Kiteboard - Length:
  • Pro Voke - 5'1" x 17.5" x 2.3" (21.5 Litres): Riders - 60-85kg
Duotone Pro Voke Key Features:
  • Pure Strapless Freestyle Design
  • Huge Pop
  • Fast and Stable
  • Aggressive but predictable
  • Custom Epoxy Wood Sandwich
  • Cork Shock Absorber
  • Light and Durable Construction
  • Future Fin System
  • Thruster Fins
  • Extreme stable through chop
  • Ultimate Strapless
  • Pop for Airs
  • Carbon Innegra Construction

Complete with fins and rear traction pad.


Wind Range
Control Bar