Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf
Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon - Kitesurf

Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon

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Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon

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  • 133 x 40
  • 135 x 41
  • 137 x 41.5
  • 139 x 42
  • 141 x 42.5
  • 144 x 43.5
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Union Pro Footpads


The Choice 5 from Core is an uncompromising freestyle board made entirely from the light and high performance CARTAN® carbon designed for riders looking for high tech performance whether you rider in straps or boot bindings. And now with Katana tips, beveled deck, and tucked under bottom rails, you’ll be riding it everywhere. Offering an innovative, performance driven but playful twintip with an extremely wide range of use, the Choice 5 is your perfect freestyle-freeride-big air one-board solution.

Thanks to pre-selected Paulownia slats, the Choice 5 is up to 250g lighter than its predecessor. Instead of the previous ABS rails, composite rods made of ABS and a laminate of up to 80-layers are used. This unibody technology, which originates from ski racing, creates a direct connection between the Cartan carbon laminates in the deck and hull in the form of a torsion box. Delivering an undeniably smooth ride combined with on-demand agility, the Choice 5 is easily accessible with sporty riding characteristics that even beginners and intermediates are guaranteed to make great learning progress on; quickly graduating to grabbed rotations and explosive jumps.

The Choice 5's excellent grip comes via state-of-the-art multi-channels, while the exciting agility and pop is made possible thanks to the relationship between the new tip shape and integrated quattro channels. Softer landings are due to the strongly contoured underwater hull, effectively breaking the surface tension of the water before pressure is felt in your knees. This easier feel helps you correct messy landings and manage choppy conditions more comfortably.

The Choice 5 also debuts a unique top and bottom rails that improve riding comfort and performance. Core have beveled the top deck edge between the footpads by approximately 2mm in thickness. The bottom edge receives a new 60/40 tucked under rail between the pads that transitions into a flat box rail at the tips. Flex and water flow are improved, and it's more comfortable in chop.

Maybe you’re not a wakestyler, but you could be one day. And perhaps you’re not a big air expert yet, but you’re on your way. So, keep your options open with the Choice 4 – a twintip with limitless options.

Its new full-length deep Vee hull smoothes out nasty chop. Together with its optimized outline and mega channels, this comfortable allrounder rips upwind with reduced spray. In addition to the strengthened inserts, for the bindings, the Choice boasts a pronounced pro style rocker and tips that feature six channels to provide you with enough grip to ride the board without fins if needed.

In flat water, the Core Choice flies across the water thanks to it's rocker line making it fast, aggressive and amazing upwind when combined with it's G-10 pro fins.

In choppy water, it goes through choppy water as if there was a cushion of air under the board. Core call this a Hydrodynamic Bottom Contour. The core wood was milled in a special Diamond 3D Shape CNC. This ensures the harmonious development of flex together with torsional rigidity. The new high-performance fins, provide the Fusion with the maximum amount of directional stability whilst maintaining high levels of agility.

Riding Style:

Freeriding / Cruising / Freestyle / Jumping / Wakestyle

Skill Level:

Intermediate / Expert

Core Choice Carbon Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • Core Choice Carbon - 133 x 40cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 135 x 41cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 137 x 41.5cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 139 x 42cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 141 x 42.5cm
  • Core Choice Carbon - 144 x 43.5cm
Complete with:
  • G-10 42mm Fins
  • Core Choice Grab Handle

Core Union Pro Pads sold separately*


Wind Range
Core Fusion Carbon  Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardCore Union Pro Pads:

The orthotic EVA footpads with its “toe grabber” 3D surface will hold your feet securely even on those off balance landings.

With a base plate that can accommodate nine different stances and three pad insert options Core are sure you will find the perfect setup for your riding style. Similar customization options are found with the new CORE Union Pro straps to give you the perfect fit even with booties on!

The dual strap design features effortless pitch, longitudinal and height adjustments to support your foot perfectly. Core have lined the strap interior with padded neoprene while protecting the exterior with durable synthetic leather.

Core Fusion Carbon  Kitesurf Kiteboarding BoardCore G-10 Cutback Fins:

Complete with 42mm fins as hardcore freestyle requires smaller fins to allows the board to be loose enough for intuitive, instantaneous switches to complete rotations or to recover from a less than ideal landing.


Cartan Full Carbon Construction:

Each layer of the laminate structure is made of carbon fibre, the entire area – top and bottom. CARTAN® high-performance carbon was specifically and exclusively designed for CORE and CARVED. In contrast to conventional carbon fibres the CARTAN® carbon fibre weave holds the fibres in a performance maximizing 30 degree angle. The result is huge flex properties making take offs both simple and effective. The exclusive use of CARTAN® high-performance carbon allows us to significantly reduce the thickness of all Fusions. The resulting thin, slightly burred edge allows for precise jumps and relaxed carving.

Technology Approved By Carved:

The Core development team worked hand in hand with the perfectionists from CARVED, decades of experience in the construction of surfing and kite boards therefore flowed into the Choice series.

From the choice of bottom curve to the meticulously tuned flex design - each board size has been individually developed. This continuous transfer of knowledge was especially evident in the materials used.

Pro Rocker:

The Choice 3 features a progressive freestyle rocker that is most pronounced under the handle. Board curvature is then reduced towards the tips. Individual flex patterns are built into each board size to lock in the best performance possible. Without giving away our secrets, good flex and bad (aka negative rocker) flex is managed by varying the lamination thicknesses during production. A super hard landing, for example, can create a negative rocker between your feet. We worked very hard to eliminate bad flex, so those rock hard landings are easier to stick. Not to worry, the Choice 3 is still deliciously fun when you are not “in training” mode.

6 Channel Tips:

Thanks to deep channel contours, the bottom of the tips provide directional stability. 

The two outer channels run parallel to the rails along the entire length of the board and provide the board with noticeably better grip.

Boot Tough Inserts:

The new tip profile produces super clean carving characteristics and powerfully controlled take-offs. The outside edge runs longer and straighter to a bevelled corner.

A double concave hull continues within the extended progressive channels and blends perfectly into the tips. The channels engage during power edging effectively increasing lateral resistance for more control. And when not engaged, the board glides effortlessly through the lulls.

3D Diamond Shape:

Complex diamond-shaped cut-outs have been milled into the underlying wood core.

This extra CORE effort is not without reason; on the one han
d the complex surface structure reduces the weight, on the other hand, the resultant and intelligently arranged crosses increase the torsional rigidity of all Choice boards.

Together with the ultra-thin outside edges, the ‘Diamond 3D Shape’ provides the perfect combination of flex and stiffness - two technically disparate elements that only the world's best shapers can combine successfully.

3D Wood Core:

The wood core, made from solid Paulownia rods, is responsible for the very lively and dynamic character of the Choice. A sophisticated 3D-contour is etched into the wood core during a unique production process.

Core Union Pro Pads and Straps:

EVA pads, that fit any foot size perfectly due to the easily adjustable loops, result in great comfort and board control, which in turn allows for a very precise glide and edge feel.

G-10 1.4" Pro Fins:

Complete with 42mm fins as hardcore freestyle requires smaller fins to allows the board to be loose enough for intuitive, instantaneous switches to complete rotations or to recover from a less than ideal landing.

Control Bar