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Travel Bags

Going to be travelling with your board?

Make sure you've got your board and all of your other essentials protected for that trip of a lifetime.

Choose from our vast selection of bags and accessories.


Duotone Kiteboarding Combi Bag


Mystic Elevate Square Travel Board Bag

$185.00 $217.00

Mystic Gearbox Square Board Bag

$185.00 $217.00

ION Gearbag Core with Wheels


Duotone Kiteboarding Team Bag


Mystic Matrix Board Bag

$152.00 $179.00

Prolimit Golf Ultralight Board Bag


ION Gearbag Tec Golf


Ion Roof Rack Pads


Prolimit Aero Golf Board Bag


Prolimit Global Twintip Combo Board Bag


Mystic Surf Pro Kite Wave Boardbag

$185.00 $217.00

Mystic Star Square Board Bag


Prolimit Golf Travel Light Board Bag


Ion Roof Rack Straps


Mystic Star Surf Travel Board Bag


Manera Wing Foil Board Bag


Axis Foil Quiver Bag


ION Wing Gearbag Tec


Dakine Wing Travel Wagon


Dakine Club Wagon


Dakine Air Wagon

$304.00 $381.00

Prolimit Traveller Board Bag


Prolimit Stacker Board Bag