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Rash Vests

Rash Vests provide a layer between your skin and neoprene wetsuit or drysuit that can cause irritation. Providing a warm layer of air between the skin and suit, this is an essential item for extended time on the water.

Everything you need to perform out on, or in, the water. have got you covered.


Dakine Covert Long Sleeve Rash Vest

$33.00 $52.00

Dakine Storm Long Sleeve Rash Vest


O'Neill Event Rash Vest

$20.00 $39.00

ION Womens SS Wetshirt


ION Womens LS Wetshirt


ION Hooded Womens Wetshirt


ION Neo Top


Mystic Break Boundaries Quickdry Vest


Mystic Voltage Quickdry Rash Vest


ION Jewel Thermo Short Sleeve Rash Vest

$20.00 $59.00

ION Jewel Short Sleeve Rash Vest

$20.00 $59.00

ION Jewel Long Sleeve Rash Vest

$20.00 $59.00