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Prolimit was born from a desire to develop the ultimate product for the sport we love.

Pro Limit focuses on wetsuits, harnesses and other accessories.

Pro-Limit pays one hundred percent to all of their products.

This results in the development of innovative, high quality products that are undoubtedly the best.


Prolimit Predator FZ 5/3 Wetsuit

$195.00 $250.00

Prolimit Surf Hat


Prolimit Fusion Shoes


Prolimit Mercury 5/5mm X-Grip Boots

$55.00 $77.00

Prolimit Float Vest

$82.00 $98.00

Prolimit Predator Impact Vest

$77.00 $93.00

Prolimit Neoprene Hoodie


Prolimit Changing Poncho

$44.00 $60.00

Prolimit Poncho with Zipper


Prolimit Kite Session Bag


Prolimit Sport Twintip Board Bag


Prolimit Golf Ultralight Board Bag


Prolimit Global Twintip Combo Board Bag


Prolimit Golf Travel Light Board Bag


Prolimit Aero Golf Board Bag


Prolimit Stacker Board Bag


Prolimit Traveller Board Bag


Prolimit Kite Foil Board Bag