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Choose from our vast selection of helmets in an assortment of colours, styles and designs.

It makes sense for kiteboarders to wear a helmet no matter what your skill level and especially when you are pushing your own limits where kiteboarding can be very unforgiving.


Bern Brighton H2O Womens Helmet

$52.00 $91.00

Mystic MK8 Helmet


Forward WIP Wiflex Safety Helmet


Mystic MK8-X Helmet


Mystic Vandal Helmet


Mystic Vandal Pro Helmet


Forward Wip Pro Wip 2.0 Safety Helmet


AK Riot Helmet


Mystic Predator Helmet


Forward Wip Pro Wipper 2.0 Safety Helmet


Mystic Shiznit Helmet


MBS Mountainboard Safety Helmet


Forward WIP Gust EVO Polarized Sunglasses


Gath Comfort Strips