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Choose from our vast selection of helmets in an assortment of colours, styles and designs.

It makes sense for kiteboarders to wear a helmet no matter what your skill level and especially when you are pushing your own limits where kiteboarding can be very unforgiving.


Forward WIP Wiflex Safety Helmet


Mystic MK8-X Helmet

$66.00 $82.00

Mystic Vandal Helmet

$60.00 $71.00

Mystic Vandal Pro Helmet

$88.00 $98.00

Forward Wip Pro Wip 2.0 Safety Helmet


AK Riot Helmet


Forward Wip Pro Wipper 2.0 Safety Helmet


Forward Wiflex Pro 2.0 Safety Helmet


Mystic Shiznit Helmet

$66.00 $77.00

Sooruz Access Helmet


Ion Slash AMP Helmet


Ion Slash Core Helmet


Dakine Renegade Helmet


Dakine Foil Batter's Helmet


Sooruz Ride Helmet


MBS Mountainboard Safety Helmet


Mystic Polar Helmet Lining

$15.00 $22.00

Forward WIP Gust EVO Polarized Sunglasses


Bern Brighton H2O Womens Helmet - Demo

$17.00 $77.00