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Whether you spend hours exploring the waters kiteboarding or just the occasional weekend session, there is a good chance that you’ll end up with blisters on your hands or fingers or dry cracked skin from windchill in the autumn / winter months.

Our carefully selected choice of gloves will not only keep you warm and blister-free but will still allow you to grip your control bar without losing feeling in your fingers.


ION 2.5mm Open Palm Mittens

$52.00 $65.00

ION 4mm Lobster Mittens

$52.00 $78.00

Ion Claw Gloves

$52.00 $91.00

Manera Magma 2.5mm Gloves


Mystic Star 3mm Neoprene Gloves

$37.00 $46.00

Mystic Star 3mm Open Palm Gloves

$33.00 $46.00

Mystic Ease 2mm Neoprene Gloves


Mystic Roam 3mm Neoprene Gloves


Mystic Supreme 5mm Lobster gloves

$47.00 $71.00

Mystic Supreme 5mm Lobster Gloves


Mystic Supreme 5mm Neoprene Gloves

$49.00 $71.00

Mystic Supreme 5mm Neoprene Gloves


Palm Neo Flex Gloves


Palm High Ten Gloves


Palm Grab Gloves


Palm Hook Gloves


Forcefield Tornado Gloves

$17.00 $52.00