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Foil Wing Accessories

Foil Wings are the perfect compliment for your riding. When you combine it with a foil, you get an entirely new sport that simplifies the experience to fly across the water.

All you have to do is inflate the lightweight wing and the foil wing will let you sail for hours.

Only 5 knots of wind will get you riding faster than you can paddle.


Ride Engine Vinaka Foil Wing Waist Harness

$98.00 $141.00

Ride Engine Vinaka Pro Foil Wing Waist Harness


Ride Engine Vinaka V2 Foil Wing Waist Harness


Mystic Wingman Foil Wing Harness


Mystic Majestic Wing Harness


Mystic Majestic-X Wing Harness


Dakine Fly Wing Harness

$120.00 $218.00

Dakine Solo Wing Harness


Forward Wip Wing Belt 2.0


Manera Leash Belt


ION Arc Foil Wing Harness


ION Rave Foil Wing Harness


ION Rogue Foil Wing Harness


ION Rush Foil Wing Impact Vest Harness


Dakine Shock Wing Vest


Forward Wip Wing Neo Impact Vest


Sooruz Lifevest Gilet Fifty


Ion Booster X Floatation Vest

$77.00 $93.00

Dakine Seeker Vest


Prolimit Float Vest

$82.00 $99.00

Palm Ace Floatation Vest

$82.00 $99.00

Mystic Foil Kite Impact Vest

$131.00 $170.00

Prolimit Predator Impact Vest

$77.00 $93.00

Forward Wip Light Impact Vest


Forward Wip Flow Neo Impact Vest


Forward Wip Kompact Impact Vest


Forward Wip 50N Impact Vest


Forward Wip Wing 50N Impact Vest


Ride Engine Empax Impact Vest

$99.00 $142.00

Ride Engine Spirit Impact Vest

$99.00 $142.00

Ride Engine Defender HF Impact Vest

$115.00 $164.00

Ride Engine Pali Women's Impact Vest

$107.00 $153.00

Ride Engine Team Impact Vest

$93.00 $164.00

Ride Engine Space Mob Impact Vest

$87.00 $174.00

Ride Engine Sky Hook Wing Impact Vest

$164.00 $208.00

Dakine Solo Wing Harness Line


ION Foil Wing Core Wrist Leash


Surflogic Foil Leash


Manera Foil Board Leash