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Flying Lines

Flying lines to suit all kites of all sizes, weights and conditions. Your lines are a critical part of your setup and should always be maintained.

Longer lines will give you a larger wind window to fly making them excellent for lighter wind conditions, whereas shorter lines make your kite fly faster.

The average line length is 25 metres. Shorter lines may be preferred for wave riding.


Peter Lynn Vector Quad Pro Flying Lines


Peter Lynn Vector Pro Short Lines


Ozone Kitesurf Flying Line Set


Ozone Pro Race Flying Line Set


Ozone Bio-Base Quad Line Sets


Ozone Bio Base Line Extensions


North Kiteboarding Back Lines


Flexifoil Hydroline


Duotone 5th Element Trust Bar Upgrade Kit


Duotone 5th Element Click Bar Upgrade Kit


Ozone Megatron Chickenloop PU/Amsteel Line 2014-2017