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Control Bars

Control Bars, Pulleys, Spreader Bars, Quick Release Fixtures and fittings all available from the top brands.

Choose from our vast selection of control bars, in an assortment of sizes, line lengths and designs.


Duotone Trust Bar


Duotone Click Bar

$489.00 $675.00

Duotone Click Bar


Airush Ride Control Bar


RRD Global Control Bar


Ozone Contact Water V5 Control Bar


Ozone Compact Water V5 Control Bar


Ozone Wakestyle V5 Control Bar


Peter Lynn Compass LEI Control Bar


F-One Kiteboarding Linx Control Bar

$457.00 $572.00

Flysurfer Infinity XX Control Bar


Flysurfer Force Control Bar


Flysurfer Race Control Bar


North Navigator Control System


North Navigator Pro Control System


Naish Torque 2 Control Bar


Slingshot Sentry Control Bar


Duotone 5th Element Trust Bar Upgrade Kit


Duotone 5th Element Click Bar Upgrade Kit


Mystic Short Kite Leash

$33.00 $39.00

Mystic Long Kite Leash


Mystic HP Long Kite Leash


Solo Strap 'Hands Solo' Self-Launch Kite Leash


Solo Strap 'Only One' Self-Launch Kite Leash