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Boots / Shoes

With temperatures ranging from 0 to 10 degrees centigrade, a set of boots or shoes will not only keep you warm but will also give you more grip making them perfect for use in the surf.

Everything you need to perform out on, or in, the water.

Kiteshop have got you covered.


Palm Index Socks


Palm Tsangpo Socks


C-Skins Legend Socks


ION Plasma Slippers


ION Plasma Shoes


Prolimit Pure Shoes


Prolimit Fusion Shoes


Mystic Aqua Walker Reef Shoes

$17.00 $39.00

Palm Rock Shoes


Palm Paw Shoes


ION Plasma 6/5mm Boots

$39.00 $65.00

Manera Magma 5mm Boots


Mystic Neoprene Socks


Mystic Star Shoes


Mystic Star 5mm Boots

$39.00 $65.00

Mystic Ease 5mm Round Toe Boots


Mystic Roam 5mm Split-Toe Boots


Mystic Marshall 5mm Split-Toe Boots

$52.00 $91.00

Mystic Majestic 5mm Split-Toe Boots

$52.00 $84.00

Mystic Supreme 5mm Split-Toe Boots

$65.00 $84.00

Mystic Supreme 5mm Split-Toe Boots


Prolimit Mercury 5/5mm X-Grip Boots


Mystic Majestic Flip-Flops

$17.00 $44.00

Mystic Star Flip-Flops

$17.00 $44.00