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Boards Bags

Board bags made with the active kiter in mind designed to perfectly fit your needs.

Kitesurf has a wide range of bags varying in size and shape from simple rucksacks to long-haul wheeled carriers designed to carry your kit as well as any souvenirs you might pick up on the way!


Prolimit Sport Twintip Board Bag


Mystic Patrol Twintip Board Bag

$55.00 $66.00

Mystic Patrol Boots Board Bag

$60.00 $71.00

Duotone Kiteboarding Single Travel Board Bag


Mystic Star Stubby Wave Board Bag

$49.00 $65.00

Mystic Stubby Boardsock

$33.00 $39.00

Mystic Star Surf Travel Board Bag


Manera Surf Board Bag


Mystic Patrol Shortboard


Dakine Thruster Knit Board Bag

$33.00 $44.00

Mystic Surf Knit Board Sock


Manera Kite Foil Board Bag


Dakine Foil Daylight Wall Bag


Dakine Wing Board Sock


Prolimit Kite Foil Board Bag


Manera Wing Foil Bag


Axis Foil Board Bags


Mystic Foilbag


Axis Foil Quiver Bag


Axis Aluminium Mast and Baseplate Cover


Axis Carbon Mast and Baseplate Covers