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£0.00 - £1,820.00


Years of development, dedication and commitment to flying above the water.

AXIS foils are the highest quality, and best performance foils on the market.

£0.00 - £1,820.00

Axis Froth Foil board


Axis Pump Foil board


Axis Super Easy Starter Foil


Axis Ultimate Pump Foil


Axis Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) Series Front Wings

£399.00 £509.00

Axis Surf Performance (SP) Front Wings

£339.00 £495.00

Axis High Performance Speed (HPS) Front Wings


Axis Research Team (ART) Front Wings


Axis Research Team Pro (ARTPro) Front Wings


Axis Spitfire Front Wings


Axis Pump n Glide (PNG) Front Wing


Axis Surf Foil Masts


Axis Power Carbon Masts


Axis S-Series Fuselage


Axis Advance Red-Series Fuselage


Axis B-Series Fuselage


Axis Advance B-Series Fuselage


Axis Advance+ B-Series Fuselage


Axis Freeride Rear Wings


Axis Progressive Rear Wings


Axis Speed Rear Wing


Axis Skinny Rear Wings


Axis Foil Board Bags


Axis Foil Quiver Bag


Axis Aluminium Mast and Baseplate Cover


Axis Carbon Mast and Baseplate Covers


Axis Tray V4 Carbon