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£0.00 - £2,277.00


AK is a watersports brand from Cape Town, developing technical components, boards, and accessories built for watermen around the world.

Their mission is to enable and inspire watermen around the world.

This drives them to create products that become an extension of themselves, progressively integrating the body and the elements, until we work as one. 

£0.00 - £2,277.00

Airush AK Phazer


Airush AK Phazer Duratech


Airush AK Nomad


Airush AK Compact


Airush Freewing Go / Phazer / Trek Foil Package


Airush Freewing V3 / Phazer / Tracer Foil Package


AK Trek Foil


AK Tracer Foil


AK Plasma Foil


AK Ether Seat Harness

£149.00 £185.00

AK Cruz Shorts Seat Harness


AK Ether V2 Waist Harness


AK Synth RS Waist Harness


AK Method Waist Harness


AK Riot Helmet