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Airush have focused on developing a range of equipment that appeals to your unique requirements and gives you the tools to take your kiting to new levels.

The Airush approach is to use diverse configurations that best suits the individual rider thus avoiding any single mindset that might blind us.


Airush One


Airush Lithium V13


Airush Union


Airush Ultra


Airush Lift V3


Airush Session V2


Airush Razor V10


Airush Ride Control Bar


Airush Switch V11


Airush Switch Team


Airush Apex V8


Airush Apex Team V8


Airush Apex Eco


Airush Livewire V8


Airush Livewire Team V8


Airush Diamond V7


Airush Mini Monster


Airush Mini Monster Convert


Airush AMP V4


Airush AMP V4 Carbon


Airush Comp V4


Airush Comp V4 Carbon


Airush Cypher Carbon


Airush Slayer


Airush Progression Foil Board


Airush AK Phazer


Airush Foil Skate V3


Airush Cypher


Airush Team Foil Board


Airush Core Freeride Foil


Airush Core Carving Foil


AK Trek Foil


AK Tracer Foil


Airush Core Foil Front Wings


Airush Core Foil Mast


Airush Boost Footpads


Airush Element Footpads


Airush Core Boot Kite Bindings


Airush Freewing Go