North Prime

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North Prime

Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable in all conditions, the North Prime kiteboard allows you to progress faster.

A sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, it tracks upwind smoothly, slicing splash-free through the chop.

Jump and boost in full control, with forgiving landings thanks to the softer flex.

Ride in tune with nature, in tune with yourself.

  • Balanced rocker, outline and flex for excellent upwind tracking.
  • Flexible Tips to slice through chop for a splash-free ride
  • Rounded outline to edge and break out the kite.
  • Soft Flex for a comfortable ride and forgiving landings in all conditions, perfect for progressing tricks and jumps.
  • Single concave with flatter middle section allows faster early planing.
  • Durable ABS Rails for long lasting performance.
  • User-friendly rails smoothed to help protect your skin from accidental scrapes and bruises.
  • Integrated Grab Rails for easy board-offs.
Base Components:
  • 4x 40mm fins (Size 144 and under) or 50mm Fins (Size 148 +).
  • Grab Handle

North Prime: 133 x 39cm
North Prime: 136 x 40cm
North Prime: 138 x 41cm
North Prime: 141 x 42cm
North Prime: 144 x 43cm
North Prime: 148 x 44cm
North Prime: 152 x 45cm

**North Prime Pads sold separately**

North Flex Pads:

Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, our Flex Bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid support. Extremely soft KnitFlex straps are fully adjustable, conforming to your whole foot with no stitching or bunching.

Triple-density rubberized EVA footbeds provide lightweight cushioning and maintain grip underfoot when wet.

Super quick three-point connection setup ensures a customised fit, and split inner velcro straps ensure maximum comfort for all foot shapes, sizes and rider styles.

Flex Adjusters:

Rear eyelets have an outward kick to ensure your foot never comes in contact with them on hard landings.

Forward Sloping Grip Pattern:

Prevents foot slipping out during high rotation tricks.

Ramped Toe Bar:

With a good edge to get purchase on.

Footpad Canted Inwards:

To encourage optimised weight distribution and knee alignment.

Optimised Strap Adjustment Options:

Inner and outer Flex Adjusters move forward and backward to ensure correct fit for all sizes, with comfortable foot positioning for a secure feel and use of toe bar.For a less locked-in feeling bring the inner two Flex Adjusters closer together.

Split Inner Velcro Straps:

Ensure a custom fit on top of foot for all shapes, sizes and rider styles. Position straps wider apart for a more fixed feel, closer together for easy board offs.

Top Loading:

Allows for a super quick setup. Drop all the Flex Adjustors in from the top, push forward and pull up into your desired position.

Available in S/M (up to UK Size 8 or Euro 42) or M/L (UK Size 9 or Euro 43+)

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