Duotone Lizard Trainer

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Want to get into kitesurfing? This is your first easy and fun step into it!

The Duotone Lizard 1.8 and 2.5 both offer a safe and enjoyable way for newcomers to learn the basics of kite flying, before they progress onto their first lesson on the water.

Durability is paramount when you are learning to fly a kite and the Lizards Ram Air Construction employs new internal construction supports to make the kites extremely durable. The handling on the Lizard is predictable and controllable, enabling new flyers to get to grips with the basic skills quickly.The kites react instantly to input on the bar, allowing the flyer to direct the kite around the wind window with precision and ease.

The Lizard is supplied with a 50cm rubber coated aluminium bar, this means you can get the “feel” for flying a kite. The bar has winding posts to allow you to wrap up the lines without tangling them and is equipped with a hand leash.

The Lizard kites are ready to fly straight out of the bag, unpack, unwind, launch and ENJOY!

  • Low Aspect Ratio - for easy handling and predictable flying behaviour
  • Launches instantly
  • Super easy to fly
  • Fast stable controls
  • High quality Dyneema flying lines
  • 2-Line Control Bar with Wrist Leash Safety System
  • All lines and control bar are already connected, just unpack and fly!
  • Minimised Bridle - to reduce the chance of bridles hooking behind each other
  • Rock Solid Construction - combined with specifically chosen materials for top skin, lower skin and profiles to ensure maximum durability

Includes kite, storage bag, flying lines, 2-line control bar, wrist leash and instruction manual.

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