Ozone x Len10 – Journey comes to an end

Ozone x Len10 – Journey comes to an end - Kitesurf

From 2024 Ruben Lenten and Ozone will sadly be parting ways as both continue on their respective adventures. Ruben is, and always will be, one of kitesurfing’s most iconic legends.

As his Len10 legacy grows and he takes his clinics to the next level, Ozone look forward to seeing the next stage of his evolution.

In 2018, the force that is Ruben Lenten joined the Ozone Kitesurf Team as an ambassador for our brand. He has spent the last five years travelling the world, riding with our customers and bringing Ozone to many new people.

There were many highs during our journey and some tough challenges too, but Ruben always carries such an amazing positivity and obvious burning passion for the sport and its development, which brought great, shared moments to the Ozone team.