Kitesurfing Endless Barrells in Skeleton Bay, Namibia

Kitesurfing Endless Barrells in Skeleton Bay, Namibia - Kitesurf

Abandoned, spectacular, and fearsome all at once - CORE's latest film, 'DESERT TUBES', takes viewers to Skeleton Bay, one of the world's most remote surf spots, which is about to be hit by an epic swell and wind forecast. This exciting new release follows CORE rider Joshua Emanuel, who patiently awaited the perfect conditions and dropped everything to book a flight to Namibia.

The remote African Skeleton Coast is a world of untouched nature, massive sand dunes, old shipwrecks, and endless seal colonies. Surrounded by this breathtaking scenery, Skeleton Bay (also known as Donkey Bay) is home to one of the world's finest, longest, and most incredible left-hand waves. This is where CORE rider Joshua Emanuel embarks on an unforgettable journey. Riding the waves of his life through the incredibly long sand-bottomed barrels, he shares his excitement, riding “the wave I've always wanted to catch”.