Evan Klijn joins FLYSURFER

Evan Klijn joins FLYSURFER - Kitesurf

Evan Klijn comes from a small town north of the Netherlands. He started kitesurfing in 2013. His parents didn’t think it was a good idea for him to learn kitesurfing. So he decided to take matters on his own. The young man bought a 2-metre kite and “kitesurfed” with a bodyboard in the puddles of a nearby field. A decade later, Evan now competes at world-class level and is now taking on the challenge of redefining the limits of the sport.

“Foil kites offer enormous potential for big air. The SONIC is simply the most comfortable and at the same time the most powerful kite. You fly high, stay in the air for a long time and are very fast. I like the fact that every single line has its purpose. Foil kites turn slower, but you can easily ride smaller sizes than others to compensate. They have more lift and cover a wider wind range. You can hold a bigger kite in the same amount of wind. The perfect ingredients to get a higher jump and break the record.”

“My vision is to break the world record. I don’t look for complicated deals. I watch Jamie do it with a foil kite and LEI kite. I also have access to this combination now. The feeling I got from FLYSURFER is something I haven’t experienced yet. They genuinely want to build the best products to break records.”
What line length and kite size did you use?

I used an INFINITY XX Control Bar with 8m flying lines.

What was the wind speed, and where did you kite?

It was blowing between 32 – 38 knots, and I was kiting at Stavoren (Netherlands).

How does such a loop work?
It is a challenging question, but let’s break it down. The key here is speed – everything happens ten times faster than a standard loop.

To tackle this, you must be well-prepared and have the muscle memory to execute the kiteloop smoothly.

Once you’re ready, build momentum by adding more power to the loop. This means riding faster, taking off with more power. By doing so, eventually, you can do a super low kite loop.
Were you nervous and took your time to prepare? Or did you just go for it?

Initially, I thought I wasn’t that nervous to try it, but as soon as I got off the water, I realized I was actually quite nervous. Unlike the “just try it” mentality, I prefer taking a more cautious approach. I always try safer and easier steps before attempting something like this, as it allows me to gain more knowledge and control before going for the big move.

How is the feeling compared to a similar loop with an LEI kite?

To my amazement, I would say the loop was so much smoother than with an LEI kite. When you time the down loop correctly, the landings are also much softer.


Do you think you can do it even more extreme in the future?

I am 100% sure I would say that we are not even halfway to what is possible.

Flysurfer are happy to have Evan on board and are looking forward to more records.