Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 1.0 Control Bar

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Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 1.0 Control Bar

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the Wainman 1.0 Rabbit Control Bar. Rabbits are a powerful kite for their size, but their energy can be controlled very well and even shut down immediately when needed.

Instant and quick depower is a great skill of this kite, and as soon as the rider lets go of the bar, the pull of the Rabbit stops. Like all Rabbits, they should be used with the original Rabbit Control Bar that was designed very precisely to match the characteristics of these kites. Together, they work precisely and provide a very wide range of depower with no stopper balls or other complicated features. Pure simplicity that let’s you explore your limits with confidence.

Wainman Hawaii Rabbit Control Bar Safety Settings:

Depending on your level or preferences, you may also want a different level of safety, enabling a different level of freedom for your riding. The Wainman Rabbit Control Bar delivers!

Safety Set-Up:

For a rider learning to kite or anyone who believes safety is paramount, you can connect to one of the front lines and your harness in case of emergency. When you release the quick release, your kite will lose all its power, and will stay connected to you with one front line. If you use the Rabbit in it's appropriate wind range, there is so much depower you should always be safe.

Unhooked Set-Up:

For those who want to ride unhooked, Wainman add a little ring below your chicken loop where you can attach your leash. This simple setting, allows you to unhook, let go of your bar yet stay connected to the kite with minimum power. This system is typically called a suicide leash, but it is no longer a suicide with the rabbit, as de-power is almost complete.

Double Depower Set-Up:

For some riders, the big depower of the Rabbit is maybe too much for regular riding. Moving the upper ball down will progressively reduce the depower ability. In this case, if you connect the leash direct to the chicken loop, you won’t have as much depower.

If you still want all depower when you let go the bar, you can connect the red safety line (provided in the bag) below the swivel, pass it through the bar, and through the ring below the chicken loop, and connect it to your leash.

Available in 41.5cm (21.5m lines) size.

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