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The number one way to increase your time on the water is by extending what conditions make kiteboarding fun. The Slingshot Turbine 2020 can be combined with a Competition Race board, surf board or a lightwind specific Glide board for mind blowing speed, power, upwind and downwind performance.

First and foremost, the Turbine is a high-powered shape with more pull per size than any other kite in Slingshot's lineup. The high aspect ratio performs like a wing in the air - jumps are long and lofty, loops are slow and deep through the window, pull is steady and powerful and the upwind drive and low-end efficiency is as good as you can get before transitioning to a foil kite.

The Turbine V10 features Slingshot's proven Open Delta C platform which continues to deliver amazing power per size, upwind trajectory, and instant relaunch. The newest addition to the Turbine is our 4x4 Canopy tech. This new canopy material is going to aid in the overall structural stability of the wing, which will provide more wind retention and steering performance.

As you go down in size and up in wind speed, the Turbine’s power and efficiency translate to an advanced freeride kite with long, loft airs, aggressive upwind drive and pull. Whether you’re in it for a mellow cruise in a light ocean breeze or you’re an experienced kiter looking for a completely different flying experience, the Turbine will not disappoint.

All the same qualities that make the Turbine such a great light wind kite translate to an aggressive, high-power, high-performance weapon as you go down in size and up in wind speed.

Slingshot Turbine Features include:
  • In flight stability
  • Superb re-launch
  • 4x4 Canopy Tech - The strongest and stiffest material on the market
  • Open Delta-C Kite Design platform - the higher aspect ratio improves lift through kite speed instead of angle of attack. The new geometry allows the kite to fly forward in the window, frees up the wingtips and prevents the kite from oversheeting.
  • Free-Twist Tip Technology - Free pivot wingtips act as a natural governor and twist open automatically to extend the apparent wind range.
  • Redesigned Wing Tip Struts - New conical tape shape for lightweight and low drag delivers quick turns.
  • Improved Power Steering Bridle - Direct "no-pulley" bridle delivers smooth, responsive steering with the tow point further forward to free up the wingtips.
  • 3-Strut Design - for significant weight reduction and superior water relaunch.
  • Slingshot patented Onepump: the industry's original, proven and patented single point inflation system
  • Propels smooth, fast turns
  • NEW patent pending Center Safety System: 100% depower safety and convenience below the bar
  • Provides custom options for depower and bar pressure
  • Faster response for freestyle moves
  • Progressive custom line lengths synchronizes the rider and kite to match wind conditions. Benefits include optimum tracking ,precision feedback, custom power and range.
  • NEW Comp Stick control bar: direct feel, speed and responsiveness
  • Mark clothing reinforced trailing edge
  • Ride unhooked with full depower
  • Full suspension bridle - refined to perform in two critcal modes of flight
  • Surf-tough seams reducing overall wear and tear
  • Mark cloth scuff guards
  • Reduced flutter and increases durability
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
  • 4 Line simplicity
3-Strut Design:

The Slingshot 3-Strut Design benefits include significant weight reduction, an intuitive feel, superior water relaunch and massive boost with increased hang time. There is also a common belief with the pro’s that less struts makes the kite more compact and packable. This makes the Turbine the preferred lightwind globe trotting kite.

 4 x 4 Canopy Tech:

Upgraded canopy construction with Teijin 4x4 reinforced ripstop material. This is the strongest, stiffest and most durable canopy material on the market.

Your kite will last longer, have a higher resale value and feel more solid and stable in the air, especially in gusty wind.

Accelerated Steering Bridle:

Slingshot's accelerated steering suspension bridle allows for smooth power delivery and adds more support to the wingtip. Clean and tight to the leading edge to maximise performance and lighten bar pressure.

Open Delta-C Kite:

The higher aspect ratio improves lift through kite speed instead of angle of attack.The new geometry allows the kite to fly forward in the window, frees up the wingtips and prevents the kite from oversheeting.

Free-Twist Technology:

Free pivot wingtips act as a natural governor and twist open automatically to extend the apparent wind range.

One Pump System:

Slingshot introduces the all-new “One Pump Speed System.” You will find the system dramatically reduces inflation time so you get on the water even faster and with less effort than before.

Split Strut Technology:

Ride with confidence and control with a stronger, more stable and more ridged canopy. Created by Slingshot, SplitStrut technology has become the gold standard in kite design. SplitStrut integrates the kite’s canopy and struts into one firmly interconnected piece.

This is a major design element in all of Slingshot’s kites, and it results in a stronger, more stable and far more durable canopy. SplitStrut enhances power under heavy load and creates efficiency and rigidity in the overall frame.

Slingshot Guardian Control Bar:

Designed for the rider who demands absolute, uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a custom 4 line configuration.

Truly innovative design and engineering with superior safety and performance in mind, Slingshot introduces the COMP STICK CONTROL BAR.

Built for ultimate control and confidence, the Compstick’s intuitive and streamlined below-the-bar depower and safety is unrivalled by any other bar on the market.

With continuous improvement in mind, Slingshot have added several upgrades to the Compstick, including new molded floats and padded bar-ends, a revised EVA grip design, bar-end bungee line-keepers and an improvement in how the floats fold in for storage.

Easy Reach Depower:

Allowing consistent grunt and stability throughout the powerstroke.

Good for boosts, megaloops and predictably recovers.

Guardian Safety System:

The safety release has been reworked from a pin to a clamp mechanism, which simplifies resetting the chicken loop assembly after it has been activated.

Improvements also include a re-sized chicken loop and a molded chicken-stalk assembly.

Auto Spin Swivel:

Rotating component untwists centre lines and helps ensure proper safety function at all times.

Active Stopper Ball:

On-the-fly adjustment piece that allows riders to set the amount of throw on the bar.

Rider Simplicity:

Chicken loop, safety release and depower cleat integrated into one user-friendly component, elminating clutter on other parts of the control bar.

Padded Bar Ends with Bungeel Line Keepers:

Preventing board dings and injuries, the padded bar ends will also keep your bar and lines organized while not in use.

Molded Floats:

In addition to keeping the bar floating and protecting the rider from injury these new floats are slim and sleek.

Improved Float Storage:

Re-engineered to fold easily away for storage.

Re-Designed EVA Grip:

All-new non-slip grip texturing coupled with an ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue in all conditions.

Dual Pull Safety Handles:

Primarily as a final safety release but can also be used for relaunching your kite off the water.

Precision Cut 800lb Flying Lines:

60% stronger that the compeition's typical 500lb line.

Redesigned Leash:

Upgraded with a shorter overall length and sturdier molded-metal carabina clips for added strength.

The Slingshot Comp Stick control bar, meets the needs of the Crossover rider who values uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a tailored 4 line configuration.

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