Slingshot Foil Front Wings

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Slingshot Foil Front Wings

Carbon construction front wing foils from Slingshot. 

In need of a replacement or simply just a change of riding style, these front wings are compatible with the Slingshot Foiling Range.

Hover Glide Time Code 68cm:
  • Solid all-around wing you can use for multiple foiling disciplines (kite, surf, wake, windsurf). 
  • 1101cm² - Mellow arcing wings and cambered bottom profile give the foil a nice wide, carving feel, a fast top-end for its surface area and the ability to shed speed by carving and generate power by pumping. 
Hover Glide Time Code 57cm:
  • Best all-around wing for a variety of conditions and wind speeds for kiteboarding  
  • 707cm² - Small lightweight riders or looking to ride with a power source like a towboat or kite and plan to catch some air at some point as well
Hover Glide Gamma 68cm:
  • Stable user-friendly foil you can ride at slow speeds.
  • 960 cm² - Surf the smallest wake and waves or kite in super light wind. 
Hover Glide Warp Speed 65cm:
  • The fastest wing in the Hover Glide lineup and it rivals the carbon Ghost Whisper line in terms of top-end performance. 
  • 654 cm² - This is for an advanced foiler’s quiver to add for high wind or big wave days when you need a wing that can handle speed and power without wanting to rocket out of the water.  
Hover Glide Space Skate 65cm:
  • Playful wing you can rock from heel to toe like you’re carving a longboard on fresh asphalt.
  • 1504 cm² - Plenty of lift at slower speeds, making it great for entry-level foilers and it rides with a loose freeride feel that self-centres as you bounce from turn to turn.
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