Slingshot Comp Stick Control Bar System

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Slingshot Comp Stick Control Bar System

Designed for the rider who demands absolute, uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a custom 4 line configuration.

Truly innovative design and engineering with superior safety and performance in mind, Slingshot introduces the COMP STICK CONTROL BAR.

Designed for the rider who demands it all. The SLINGSHOT COMP STICK bar has the highest level of CSS Safety and Centre of the Universe performance / convenience in the cleanest 4 line configuration available.

The Compstick Sentinel comes in 17, 20 and 23-inch bar options. The 17-inch bar comes stock with 20 metre lines and is recommended only for small kites (usually 4-7metres). The 23-inch bar comes stock with 27 meter lines and is recommended for larger kites (usually 13-17metres).

Our universal 20-inch bar, which can be used with any kite we produce, will now come with 20-metre lines installed and 3-meter extensions in the box. This gives riders the ability to choose between two different line lengths. For easier launching, faster turning and more responsive handling, the 20-meter lines are ideal, while the extensions will provide added power, low-end range and higher jumping.

Slingshot Comp Stick Guardian:

With the Guardian, the trim cleat is located just above the chicken loop and is integrated into the safety release mechanism. The result is a streamline system that removes eye-level components, placing them within easy reach below the bar and allowing for more throw above the bar.

Slingshot Comp Stick Sentinel:

The Sentinel features an above-the-bar trim cleat, a swiveling safety mechanism below the bar and all the other features that have made the Compstick Sentinel the trusted choice for riders around the world, year after year.

Slingshot Comp Stick Safety Bar Features:
  • Centre of the Universe Safety System - 100% spinnable, clean and simple safety, quick and easy safety reboot, deflags and depowers the kite from the centre without power
  • Integrated depower and safety system - Industry Standard PUSH release system
  • Below the bar trim - for below the bar safety
  • Surefire Spinner - keeps your front lines from tangling
  • Carbon Control Bar
  • Push Up Quick Release System
  • Auto Indexing Chicken Loop - super stream lined, minimalist and dynamically rigid when unhooked for easy re-engagement
  • Flex Bar Ends
  • Micro Clamcleat - for smooth and effortless trim adjustment
  • EVA Floats
  • Carbon Control Bar
  • Power Steering Dug Out
  • Quick Release Surefire Bungee
  • Spectra Sure Grip Leader Lines
  • Lock-n-Load Chicken Loop
  • Internal sealed ball bearing swivel
  • Adjustable chicken loop length
  • 2 emergency handles for instant depower
  • Adjustable Stopper Ball - Easy on the fly adjustable depower and throw
  • Removable Chicken Bone
  • Sizes 17”, 20", 23"
  • Complete with lines

The Slingshot Comp Stick control bar, meets the needs of the Crossover rider who values uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a tailored 4 line configuration.

All kite sizes can be flown with the same bar. Complete with 20m, 23m or 27m Flying Lines.

For use with the Slingshot Rally, RPM as well as any 4-line depowerable kite.

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