Shinn K2 Wing Set

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Shinn K2 Wing Set

Inheriting the ease of use, early starting and intuitive pitch control from the legendary Model P the all new Shinn K2 has an abundance of confidence inspiring stability and control that allows the rider to comfortably handle power and reach speeds that seemed impossible before.

Rider further and faster without extreme front foot pressure, agility with stability and a fast track to a more advanced foiling level.

With a similar rake and surface area to the model K the secret to this foil is in the combination of the 2-stage anhedral front wing and high aspect, wingletted stabiliser perfectly balancing the foil through a range of speeds.

If the P wing was responsible for re-writing the rule book on entry level foiling get ready for the K2 to do the same for the next generation of high-energy freeriders.

Medium high aspect wing: 866 cm2

Winglet stabiliser:  290 cm2

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