Shinn Foil Front Wings

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Shinn Foil Front Wings

Moulded composite construction front wing foils from Shinn. 

In need of a replacement or simply just a change of riding style, these front wings are compatible with the Shinn Foiling Range.

P-Foil Front Wing:
  • Easy, training wing for beginners to experts
  • 1150cm² Low Aspect Wing gives amazing low speed lift and pitch control for in-experienced foilers
F-Foil Front Wing:
  • Fast, smooth, efficient and easy to use (in contrast to the world of different hydrofoil wings)
  • Medium High Aspect Wing 580 cm²
K-Foil Front Wing:
  • Huge range and ease
  • Medium High Aspect Wing 866 cm²
Mega-K Foil Front Wing:
  • For Surf, SUP and Lightwind Kite
  • Medium / Low aspect Ratio, delta design Wing 1200 cm²
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