Sabfoil Foil Front Wings

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Sabfoil Foil Front Wings

Carbon construction front wing foils from Sabfoil / Moses. 

In need of a replacement or simply just a change of riding style, these front wings are compatible with the Sabfoil (Moses) Foiling Range.

633 Kite Front Wing:
  • An accessible wing that offers a good amount of lift. Ideal first purchase for those riders who are looking for early planing, stability and easy riding. Low aspect ratio (3.3 AR), moderate inverted gull wing, concave bottom design: this full-carbon wing will take your foiling experience to the next level.
  • 1250cm² - Shaped specifically to improve the easy of use and versatility. This entry freeride wing offers a smooth foiling experience.
679 Kite Front Wing:
  • Wave-oriented DNA that allows you to slow down before starting any manoeuvre, then it accelerates fast reaching a high cruising speed.
  • 990cm² - Higher lift speed, a wider curve radius and a better control at high speed.
695 Kite Front Wing:
  • The W695 is the perfect choice for all those riders who aim to jump high and do manoeuvres at high speed.
  • 770 cm² - The choice for all those riders who aim for a smooth glide feeling.
670 Kite Race Front Wing:
  • Pure racing performances from the Sabfoil Racing Division!
  • 570 cm² - designed to reduce drag and to offer the best hydrodynamic performances.
671 Kite Race Front Wing:
  • The W671 has the same design as the IKA W670, but it's made to fit the FK647 fuselage.
  • 570 cm² - Designed to reduce drag and produce the best hydrodynamic performance.
590Y Kite Race Front Wing:
  • Fast and stable, inspires confidence, accelerates in a very smooth way, it's quick to plane and tracks naturally. For all those riders who love an all-around wing.
  • 650 cm² - With its 650 cm2 of surface area, this wing allows lifting even at low speeds, while the slight reverse design keeps the stability you need at high speeds.
740 Kite Front Wing:
  • The ideal choice for those riders who aim for a smooth glide feel and who want to reach high speeds. Its profile and outline make it perfect for any type of discipline.
  • 702 cm² - Its profile and outline make it perfect for any type of discipline.
607 Kite Front Wing:
  • Adaptable to any discipline and ideal for all riders who want to reach high speeds with strong wind conditions.
  • 440 cm² - Its profile and outline make it perfect for any type of discipline.
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