Sabfoil Foil Rear Stabilizer

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Sabfoil Foil Rear Stabilizer

Carbon composite construction rear wing foils from Sabfoil. 

In need of a replacement or simply just a change of riding style, these rear wings are compatible with the Sabfoil Foiling Range.

483 Kite All-Round Stabiliser:
  • The S483 can be used with any wave wing in our collection. The inverted tip design will allow you to shorten the turning radius compared to the S450 stabilizer, maintaining a high entry speed and releasing energy during pumping. All types of manoeuvres.
  • 316 cm² Surface Area
400 Kite Race Stabiliser:
  • S400 is the race stabilizer that makes the W670 front foil wing faster and even more stable. It will be a great addition to your stabilizers set if you want push your performance. This stabilizer can be used with the entire line of wing, kite, surf and windsurf.
  • IKA registered 2020/2024
  • 207cm² Surface Area
330Y Youth Class Stabiliser:
  • The S330 is an all-around stabilizer, with a good amount of drive and stability that will help you go faster and be confident.
  • IKA Youth Foil Class Registered.
  • 217 cm² Surface Area.
399 Race Stabiliser:
  • This stabilizer has the same performance and dimensions as the 400 Kite Race and is a great addition to your stabilizers set if you want to push your performance.
  • If you do not need IKA certification for racing, this stabilizer allows you to have the same racing technical characteristics as the 400.
  • 207 cm² Surface Area
425 Kite Stabiliser:
  • The 425 has the same profile of the bestseller 483 and the shape of 370. These characteristics and the smaller surface area compared to the 483 provide higher manoeuverability and speed, while guaranteeing excellent stabilization.
  • 266 cm² Surface Area
376 Kite Stabiliser:
  • This stabilizer is made to provide high manoeuverability and speed, while guaranteeing excellent stabilization.
  • 179 cm² Surface Area
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