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The Peter Lynn Synergy is made for any rider looking to go out before anyone else or for those who want one travel kite for all conditions. Being a smaller kite that shows its fun and potential especially in low wind conditions for underpowered riding and foiling, the Synergy never fails to excite. This kite is lightweight, clean and full of power!

The Synergy is an easy to use and user-friendly kite that you’ll experience lots of fun with. It delivers a very light but direct steering feedback, letting you focus on your hydrofoil instead of the kite. Its lightweight design makes this kite very stable and well balanced and its large usable wind range lets you spend more time on the water.

The added bonus of this kite is that, because it’s so lightweight, it becomes very compact when folded and is perfect for travelling. Bring the Synergy with you to any kite spot in the world, even those off the beaten track, and experience constant fun!

Excellent Light Wind Performance:

With its lightweight construction and great stability, the Synergy shows all its potential in light wind conditions. With the slightest breeze you’ll be the first one on the water. In all conditions, the kite will not front stall and you will always be able to steer it up from the edge of the window, even if you ride downwind. The biggest size you’ll ever need is 12m because it is just that good!

Direct Feel and Kite Feedback:

The Synergy is incredibly light and extremely direct. It responds to commands super effectively and even if depowered, you can steer it quickly and precisely. This kite equals fun, be it on flat water or waves.

Clean Shape and Design:

The Synergy comes with a brand new minimalistic look.

Being designed with a well-balanced amount of profile panels, the canopy and leading edge have been made super smooth, allowing a clean airflow to let kite float even better and make it extra stable.

Light and Direct Turning:

Built for hydrofoiling, the Synergy does not pull you off the hydrofoil but follows your every move, even upwind and downwind.

Super fun to use in waves, the Synergy can be placed exactly where it needs to be and follows turns on flat water or on waves quickly.

The Synergy feels really light on the bar, making it super comfortable to cruise around with for long sessions.

Peter Lynn Synergy Package:
  • Synergy Kite
  • Synergy Backpack
  • Peter Lynn 4-line LEI kite manual
  • Basic repair kit
  • Navigator SL control bar (complete versions only)
  • 350/350 Dyneema® flying line set (including 3 meter
    line-extensions – complete versions only)
Size Wind Range (Twintip) Wind Range (Foil) Control Bar Size
6.0m 17-29 13-29 M
8.0m 14-27 11-25 M
10.0m 12-25 10-22 M
12.0m 10-22 9-18 M
Continuous Leading Edge:

The Synergy’s leading edge is perfectly rounded, built with curved segments which make it a continuous curved LE.

This results in the smoothest transition possible between leading edge and canopy, increasing the aerodynamics of this kite. In turns, this creates more power and goes better upwind and downwind.

One Strut Design:

The Synergy comes equipped with a single centre-strut. This ensures a stiff profile which is not weighed down by extra struts and is super easy to pump and pack-up.

The one strut design also ensures the stability you need while riding. Furthermore, the one-strut keeps the canopy open for easier relaunch.

Internal Wing Profile:

With little wind it’s important to keep your kite up in the air at all times. The Synergy has an internal wing profile that connects the canopy to the strut.

This profile creates better stability of the kite in light wind, to eliminate it front stalling, even when you let go of the bar.

So, whilst you’re floating on your hydrofoil catching waves and swells, you won’t have to worry about your kite.

Low Wind Performance Design:

Kevlar reinforcement patches are only located on the most necessary places on the leading edge and canopy. This creates a very light, still very durable kite.

The entire span of the leading edge has been reinforced with double stitches along the seam to protect it from getting damaged when crashing it.

The reinforcements on the Synergy are exactly where they need to be to ensure durability whilst maintaining the kite’s feather-weight.

Super Kook-Proof Pigtails:

Besides having colour coded back and front line connections, we added super kook proof pigtails to your back lines, to avoid the moment where you can’t remember which knot you used to attach your kite to.

This way you will always use the same knot and your kite feeling will always be optimal.

Fits All Valve:

PLKB kites are equipped with a ‘fit-all-valve’ for easy inflation. The bayonet fitting fits all pumps and the large valve opening makes inflation a breeze.

You won’t have to spend hours and hours looking for a pump with the right connection, and will be out on the water in no time.

Peter Lynn Navigator Control Bar:

The Navigator has a unique design combining safety and user friendliness. The complete Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or the possibility of tuning your bar to your personal liking. Whether your kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting the Navigator is your safe connection to a world of power.

The new Navigator bar give you optimal control and comfort. The bar is tapered so also without looking at the bar, you can feel where your hands are holding it. For your fingers, cushioning is added. The EVA foam is comfortable and durable. The centerline goes through an alloy centerhole, giving you good center grip, low friction and good freedom to steer, power and depower. It offers all you need to control the kitepower.

Navigator Safety:

Safety is one of the most important things when kiteboarding. Kites can generate power that is not always wanted and which can sometimes even be dangerous. If the rider needs to loose the power of the kite, it is important that this can be done instantly and without much effort. Often there is no possibility to unhook the depower loop, therefore a bar need to be fitted with a proper safety release mechanism. The Centrix depowerloop on the Navigator bar is a specially designed part that includes a reliable safety release.

When it comes to safety, one should not depend on one solution only. So besides the Centrix safety release, the lines include safety handles. Simply grab the line handles and you can release your kite flagging it on 1 line, nearly fully depowered.

Ease of Use:

The navigator bar and Centrix depowerloop combination offer control, safety and great ease of use. The package includes a completely tangle free swivel. No more tangled lines after your rotations. Adjusting the (de)power of the kite is done through a proven Clamcleat power adjuster that is placed above the bar. The best place to adjust the depower lines to your liking.

Safety Leash:

The Navigator control system comes complete with safety leash, for those wanting to ride unhooked. The safety leash is equipped with a quick release might things go wrong, you can quickly and easily release yourself.

The leash can be connected directly to the depowerline, or to the supplied ‘suicide connector’ In that case you connect the leash directly to the chicken loop which should be considered by advanced and expert riders only.

Easy Replacement:

The Navigator control bar has been designed using the most durable materials. However, as with all bar systems, parts do wear in the long term.

Peter Lynn has a focus on making any replacements for these parts as simple and quick as possible, to help you keep your bar safe with optimal performance at minimal costs.

Navigator Bar Sizes and Line Lengths:

The Navigator is available in three packages, each offering the best bar combination of bar size and corresponding length of the supplied flying lines. Those riders wanting to use just one bar for different sizes of kites, can thus find the most suitable bar set. By making use of the extension flying line set as well as the dual bar size endcaps, the bar can be adjusted to fly better on smaller or larger kites.

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