Ozone Quad Line Sets - 25m

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Ozone Quad Line Sets - 25m

Ozone line sets are made from high quality Dyneema.

Woven with a tight, square braid and treated with a special heating process, this line is highly resistant to abrasion, water absorption and stretching. Stretch resistance increases the performance and direct handling of the kite's power and is a crucial consideration when choosing your lines.

Available in different lengths and weights this is a high strength to diameter ratio. Thin diameters reduce parasitic drag when flying, which results in more performance from the kite.

To "lock" the line all our line sets are sleeved, stitched and then uniquely re-stretched to 70% of the breaking strain at our own factory. Because our lines are fully stretched before you get them, you won't need to adjust or re-stretch them after your first outing.

Line sets are available in various strengths and come on winders.

Suitable for kites such as:
  • Ozone Instinct
  • Ozone Edge
  • Ozone Enduro
  • Ozone Reo
  • Ozone Zephyr
  • Ozone Alpha
  • Ozone Catalyst

**Colours may vary on weight of lineset ordered**

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