Naish Torque ATB Control Bar

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Naish Torque ATB Control Bar

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new Naish Torque ATB Control System.

The Torque ATB is a 4-line control system with an above-the-bar Clamcleat trim that is easily adjustable in height. Ideal for a wide variety of freeride, freestyle and wave riding, this bar is equipped with the most advanced trim loop mechanism to date. Engineered for consistent, hassle-free operation, the quick release features a linear release force, for easy release and reload, regardless of the tension on the line.

The Naish ATB Control System has a new front line configuration. The front lines now have a 3m single line to a Y point. The front flagging leash system has been improved and weight saved by removing the stainless Centre Line Organizer and Swivel.

The 3m single centre line split allows the removal of heavy parts and allows the front line flagging leash and optional 5th Line Kit to function efficiently.

With a greatly improved “through the bar” front line leash system, and new larger floaters, the ATB Control System is more streamlined and functional than ever before.

  • 55cm Control Bar with 20m Lines
  • 55cm Control Bar with 24m Lines
Key Features:
  • Above-the-Bar Clamcleat® with Height-adjustable Tuning = employs natural leverage for quick & easy adjustments
  • Torque Loop - efficient & effortless ball bearing swivel + easiest reloading quick release on the market
  • Bar End Technology - Adjustable Bar Width: 18”–20” (45–50 cm)
  • Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core - comfortable and controlled non-slip grip
  • Replaceable Bar Centre
  • Stainless Steel Low-V Line Organizer - easy release & reload
  • Cored, Stiff Trim Line - Tangle-free design
  • Heavy-duty Kite Leash with Quick Release
Naish Smart Loop Technology:

Naish's patented push away system is quickly becoming an industry standard and the Naish Smart Loop is the standard by which all push away systems are measured.

The 45mm handle on the Naish Smart Loop allows easy and efficient release in all situations. The system is the only one on the market that integrates a simple "below the bar" trim system that is easy to reach and operate.

The open design of the handle and internal teeth allows water to flush through and maintain a smooth reliable release in all conditions.

All of the features on the Naish Smart Loop allow the ride to focus on the kiting experience rather than worrying about an overly complicated release system.

For use with Naish kites including Dash, Cult, Park, Draft, Helix, Charger, Pivot and Slash as well as any 4-line depowerable kite.

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