Naish Foil Rear Wings

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Naish Foil Rear Wings

In need of a replacement or simply just a change of riding style, the Naish rear wings are compatible with the Naish Foiling Range.

Naish Kite Performance Freeride Stabilizer 210:

The 210 kite backwing moves the rudder function to the wingtips, and leverages a higher aspect planform plus a new low drag foil to increase top speed potential while maintaining the excellent control and intuitive turning ability of our previous backwing.

Naish Stabilizer 320:

The 320 backwing adds stability to the excellent turning ability of our previous anhedral design, increasing performance on all levels - speed, control, and even more intuitive turning.

By moving the rudder control function to the wingtips, the drag is reduced and freed up more centre span for stability.

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