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The Kayacat Puma lets you paddle and SUP along with everything you need to get on the water is included and is the ideal complement for your excursions weekend or even your time in search of serenity solo all in a easy-to-carry backpack. The Kayacat Puma is your personal watercraft whether you SUP or Kayak!

The Puma tracks extremely well while paddling because of the cutting motion of its double floats through the water. It's also easy to manoeuvre and turns as quickly as you like.

It is easy and fun to use, easy to set up and pack away, resilient, and also affordable. It's designed for anyone to use easily from age 5 years and up and weighing just 6kg.

Kayacat is great for leisure, for fishing, for sports, for trekking and adventure!

The key to Kayacat's lightness, strength and versatility comes firstly from the use of inflatable reinforced floats and adjustable cross struts. Secondly, most inflatable kayaks and paddle boards are constructed from PVC, which is a heavy, thick, stretchy and unreliable material, and entirely unsuitable to meet Kayacat's objectives. 

The Puma is incredibly light, manoeuvrable, and very fast for stronger paddlers, yet remains very stable in the water, and can carry plenty of extras like camping gear, and even a bicycle.


The seat can be moved to the optimum paddling position and your feet placed on the grippy foot-pads. Simply start paddling on a super-stable wide platform.


The seat is comfortable with a well placed and ergonomic backrest. It is easy to paddle being raised slightly higher giving you the advantage of staying dry more easily than a conventional kayak.

The Puma is extended to 'wide mode' with the seat extension bars that come with the Puma model, simply unzip the cross struts and extend the seat to start paddling in wide mode.

This is the easiest and fastest way to get going! Unpack, assemble, inflate your Kayacat and be on the water in minutes!

The Kayacat Puma comes complete in a 65cm x 40cm x 20cm backpack (which fits with most airline carry on regulations) with a handy chest strap, weighing just over 6kg and takes around 10 minutes to assemble.

  • Length: 4m
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 120kg
  • Backpack Size: 65 x 40 x 20cm

*Complete with 4-Piece Paddle designed for use with SUP and Kayak activities, Hand Pump and Leash.

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