ION Kite Crush Compression Bag

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ION Kiteboarding Kite Crush Compression Bag
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Replace your heavy kite bags with this light weight compression bag. You won't believe how much weight and space you can save. The ION Crush Kte Bag is weight and size optimised for the kite to save space and weight on your trip

Perfect if you transport many kites in a larger travel bag- you can save space and weight for another additional kite !

  • Replaces heavier stock kite rucksacks reducing overall travel bag weight
  • Shoulder carry strap for shorts walks to the beach
  • Strap and rope construction helps to squeese out the air of the kite to a minimum for a optimal packaging size
  • Save up to 35% against a normal kitebag
  • Lightweight nylon fabric
  • Highly visible location for writing kite size
  • Pull Drawstring
  • Fits most kitesurfing kites
Available in two different sizes: 

Medium bag up to 10m kites or Large bag for kites up to 14m.



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